Now I feel so fat, ok so am I but still ..

Hi. Normal I eat a day only 500kcal and today I 800kcal eaten .. I do not know what was wrong with me .. I regret it so much .. I feel like I've gained 50kg ... Why I now feel so ? (Oh, and now come to all the with Anorexic;! I weigh 51kg and am only 1.60m (W))

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Just because you (currently) normal weight you still definitely Anorexic with such thoughts and if you only take 500kalorien to you

Sweet eighth not it, that does not help even the not care But at puberty which is in virtually every girl so so everything is cool ︝

A clear case: Anorexic

a weight problem but you did not

going right away wait an hour

800Kalorien are definitely too little.

You are eating quite a bit so I eat about twice the am but as thin as so asparagus: D

Normal weight. Thought just did not. Are not thick.

Pay no attention on it much, that's a damn !!!!!!!!!!

you have to sporty driving, that is the only thing that helps. (One of the fun which then goes on its own)

Eighth rather on what you eat, when you eat only compelling where there is nothing, or that only one side, or you'll deficiency symptoms and think you are hungry, but you need only one thing because there was net.

You say you're not anorexic but that can quickly come if you specialize you just on calories or so.

How old are you ?

Carry prefer a proper diet, rather than eating less that does nothing, and eat healthy things.

Good luck

You know that the ideal of a man erwachesnen 2000kcal or. Women have I think 1800kcal ideal un kids not much less than women. So with 500kcal you eat too little calories.

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