NZXT H440 vs Fractal Define Desing R5

Question is already rough above. I need a new case for my PC but can not decide between the two above, so I have no water cooling and no all too large graphics card. I want to just know which case I use

The best answer

Tea or coffee?

Honestly, as you can you help here hardly as, "I will now buy the car in green or red?" or just "tea or coffee", the decision must alone make YOURSELF.

We can give you here only recommendations and experiences, but, as I said, ultimately you have to decide.

Würd btw none take from both, too much plastic and then with this flap front of it, rather NEN BitFenix ​​Shinobi or so one here: Midi-Tower / Lian-Li ...

but as I said, decide for yourself.

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