Oak Bank protect with cracks in the weather?

Hello I have an oak trunk Bank, which is about 20 years old. This was far from being exposed to the elements, this I can but not now avoid. There have, however, formed by the work of the wood cracks on the seat where logically the water standing in it remains. How to protect the wood is best? fill cracks does not work because too many and too large, have tested it, but it falls too much on. Would it be deleted, a solution with wooden base and subsequent glaze? Or there are other tips?

Thank you for your answers

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Oak needs no protection and if you're unlucky breaks the paint and under the paint, the water remains standing and does not evaporate. That would create more harm in the long term, as it would be good.

It is better if it's possible to drill holes in the cracks so that the water can drain, so no water remains in the cracks and you have long joy at the Bank.

So you can sit on it well, simply by planing or sanding smooth the edges and surfaces.

Best waers halt if one covers the bank in case of rain. Or when it comes in weight, after the rain is long hatch a time.

A good Dickschichtlasur can naturally not hurt, but bring much it will not work if the water remains in the cracks. Perhaps drill into big cracks nor a hole hatch passes through the down.

For large cracks, as already mentioned drill holes down. Stain is counterproductive here. Oils is better. Have a fence of very old oak, I had oiled 3 times until long no problems. If the wood does not absorb more oil, 3-4 times can be necessary, it can also absorb water.

Yes Holzgrund and glaze would be enough, the cure indeed look. Filling the cracks but good

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