Hallöle people'm 15 years old and have been doing about six months in the gym strength training. I train Monday, Wednesday and Friday so always have one day of rest and wanted to ask: So on my workout plan (I do full body) represents bicep dumbbell curls each arm 10 rep. Sometimes when I get home I'm still on my own weight I have an sz and two dumbbells because I'm either barbell curls or hammer curls, curls or concentration. That is so about 45 minutes after my biceps workout in the gym. Is that okay as I do for the muscle building or should I do other exercises with my dumbbells when I am home somehow. Because my trainingspatner does not like bicep exercises and will therefore often not waiting for me so I'm doing it at home;) hope someone can give a good answer, and if I do something wrong at home, tell me what I should do better :)

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Hello Joshua!

"Only biceps training" is not training but isolated nonsense. You have more than 600 muscles. Many of them work together, they complement or secure the counter muscle muscular off. An isolated exercise is unhealthy and dangerous in the long run.

I see in Germany just spread a Type arise whose arms more peripheral than the legs.

Just the biceps is trained at the same through much exercises. I train my biceps never isolated, but he would certainly be your dream. Train komplex.Es arise quickly imbalances. This refers to the reduction of an active group of muscles (agonists) with simultaneous relaxation of the muscular opponent (antagonist). Only a complex training is good training. And with 15 You should also not yet full speed Hanteltraining make. All the best.

45 minutes is an already really much. I would now recommend you rather, in the studio to increase the weights, and should then be enough in the first year. And do not forget to eat a lot, which is even more important;)

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