Obsessive-compulsive disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Hi, I had earlier this problem but over time it got worse, I probably OCD eg when I come home and the door had to be made I have several times later check whether they can be even before I go to sleep if I that no more than 1 times do then is to me very funny then I can not stay calm. I also had some time fears and have too often looked in the mirror if I have changed the is also very funny (i even thought ne time I can change me only thoughts and frequent check but I have overcome)

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I know only too well. My best friend had exactly the problem. She always checked a thousand times if all the doors are ... I think you should also talk about your constraints and try to change yourself. And no one can be at the old change anything;)

Sounds strongly for a compulsive behavior. Sometimes you get that alone in the handle, sometimes you need help. Please go, but if you do not it loskommst alone, get yourself help, which is the time that is worse. Good luck

Exactly half a year it is so but it goes for few days away then it comes back, sometimes I do not think one week it but then it comes back again, thank you for eueren Council :))))

Whether you want to call OCD or -neurose it now, is not so important. It is important that you look for help, because you can strain the very usual. And then often goes years ...! Therefore, go to your doctor and talk to him or her and ask you for a Psychotherpeuten, so you can talk about it! If you want to know more about the subject, there are also good books on OCD. Just ask in a library. There is indeed departments! We can then develop strategies, how to escape these constraints again! All the best and good luck! :-)

That does not sound so good. You should be to a drug rehabilitation. It can happen to you otherwise, it is still worse.

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