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Hello, my GP asked when kneel in both professional association arthrose an occupational disease due to advertisement before about 2 1/2 years. this was rejected by the trade association. I have inserted on the social union of contradictions and now the thing is with the Social Court. paralell I went to for help for pension insurance and there my professional disability was confirmed in a meizinischen rehabilitation. I'm loud final report of the clinic is not in a position less than 3 hrs a day in my professional work as a plumber. in august vocational rehabilitation begins for me with a retraining for businessman which is supported by the pension insurance. Now my Simple tile ask: have I nor any demanding to the trade association when I win the process because already another has stepped high achievers? I also still no request for a badly damaged identity card provided because tell me it was would complicate the later the workplace seeking. is this because required to underpin the most demanding in the bg?

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If the disease is recognized as an occupational disease, an injury pension should be paid. During retraining the BG pays transitional allowance. The BG has its own professional helper who will accompany and promote the re-entry into new careers.

The disability card should apply. Basically, you have these did not show in an application - just lies must not, when one is asked in the interview. Shows not one to which one is severely handicapped, is however no Rights (protection against dismissal etc). Of course you can then inform the AG on the severely handicapped property later (after the trial period).

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You then have the claims as of Lokicorax described, if applicable, the pension system will retrieve their payments to you by the professional association so that you would possibly get nurDifferenzbeträge. For you would be even more interesting that the BG more interested in medical treatment than the health insurance company and you can be provided possibly higher quality tools.

it is rather difficult for your contradictory when Social Court success hat.arthrose mitlerweile a recognized disease in the berufsgenossenschaft.sie is only recognized when the disease is incurred under professional conditions. (see under nr.2112 the leaflet) and are to prove this you in the duty.


Since not help the doctor is correct and not the other schwerbehindertenausweis.die Ausage from you richtig.es should not indeed be so, but it is still badly damaged so.als you are hard to place.

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