Odors from dog waste on the compost / offense?

Is it really true that one dog waste must not be disposed on the compost heap? We do this for 18 years and suddenly it bothers our "nice" neighbor who called the Ordnungsamt because of strong odors from dog waste on the compost heap. They said one should not and must faeces in plastic bags in the waste disposed of (great environment). Above all, we go for a walk every day with our dog, which is why there is hardly anything.

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Incredibly, as dog owners are like her last exemplary and dispose of the dirt of their animal, as it should be, on the property plus, also exemplary, rather than spreading to the compost, the feces and urine in the public nature, and then this stupid neighbor has such dog owners, of which one wishes there were more of them, put obstacles in the way. Sage your neighbor that odors emanating from a compost heap, from neighbors in terms of environmental protection must be accepted. Question you even know if it would be better if her urine and feces of your dog would distribute her front of the property, as unfortunately do many other dog owners. Possibly you could compost from time to redeploy, and the dog poop with grass clippings or whatever else is there so it covers, so that the rest are Nörgeltante.

Good morning, pueppiemann, with kiss I would let dogs entertaining neighbors as you take that run their dog in their own garden and make it easier to view the urine stains from your own dog on your own turf than normal and throw the dog feces on their own compost and exchange them for the dogs holding neighbors who are really annoying: the partially when it is still dark, their own garden and lawn spare before yellow urine stains and most dog feces and then run to the next natural point in or on the settlement and since their dung unload, and most do not remove, whereby they have done all the nature around our settlement to vent and thereby other residents take every opportunity to experience nature or children take the opportunity to play in nature. to dispose of dog waste on the compost is allowed, even encouraged (there without bag) and the neighbor may then do nothing against. To avoid trouble, I would, if possible, the compost sit somewhere else, where the smell can not pull over like that.

If the compost on your plot is, the neighbor do not do anything.

Honestly, that's disgusting. You may not mind the legacy of your family member yes - that it interferes with the neighbor and her I can smell very well understand. Kot is nunmal feces, and the precipitates a carnivore always stink to high heaven. I also want no dog toilet right next to my garden. Can you change the compost nixht? Or really dispose of the droppings elsewhere? Dog owners forget too often that non-dog owners to quite feel harassed everywhere by the dog poo and perceive the smell unpleasant, just because they are not accustomed to dogs smell and does not have to be.

course you can also see https:. //www./frage/darf-man-hundehaufen-auf-den-kompost-tun-man-kan ... dog feces contains quite a bit of lime and smell (in my opinion) even less as other excrement, as the pigs. Please tell your neighbors that they buy a pig; o)

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