off 17, need tips?

hello I'm in september 17 and start the 10 class on the real and would like to move out from home because I do not understand with my parents, my parents want to also I take off and threaten me always to throw me out. to whom I must call as to find a wohung or best in a wg so I'm not so alone. I get help from office or so, for example, for furniture or diemiete thank apologize in advance, lg

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if your parents want it, which will also have to pay, just as if it is from you, as they, if you go forth towards you are dependents.

Then do your parents even realize that they have you also to finance the apartment! Because solely they are financially responsible for you as long as you have no training! The public is here certainly not for the luxury of your own apartment!

You get neither help nor the Office aids furniture or other financial.

You're welcome to the youth welfare office and ask if they accept you in an assisted living because you get "pocket money" which certainly bring the cost to the parents again.

Your parents are now time to 25 years or 27 (if you are still in education until then) Maintenance Paid.

Only having a legitimate offense you could if the job center approves the application before 18 move into their own apartment.

Solution. Your parents sign your rental contract and pay the rent and your maintenance continues. Then you must also live separately.

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