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Good day dear GF community,

I turn to you because I have a very urgent matter and that I will in three days 18, since I home a lot of problems with my mother did, my parents separated and my 20 year old sister lives with my father that I did not draw can because the space would not from rich. Now my mother wants me to move out what I want to. I only have the problem that I'm currently in the 10th grade, am in the Q11 for half year remained squatting there I was very often unfocused and most was absent largely due to the stress at home ... Well long story short I have a chance to state support, which I could draw from?

Hope you can help me thank you in advance!

The best answer

No, there is no state support. In children up to 25 years, the parents are dependents! And not the general public. If your mother wants you to move out, then it must be the home and livelihood finance. From state there is nothing here.

If your mother (understandably?) Wants to get rid of you but to go to Jugendamt.Dort remains can try to get you in a hotel. A landlord you will not find in these circumstances.

The question WHY you shall move out of your mother. Can it be that you are doing nothing at home in the household, a lot are requesting, your mother not supported by their work and otherwise like chillin? Maybe she likes to pay its contribution and then even a more relaxed life?

repays you had then demanding on your child support because you no longer live at home Yes (more I know not) because you'd have time to google

Your parents then have to pay maintenance

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