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Our old dog Charly (West Highland Terrier 11 years) had never really problems with younger dogs except a mongrel (Mongrel) always wants to go to get rid of him. Now we have a second dog Joy (Labrador 5 1/2 months) because of the many dips in our near and without reason he is immediately going on you !! he is not even interested but wants to strikes set to go barking like crazy and bites also. They in turn but doing everything for him to play with it, it makes everything possible to play things, subjecting immediately and encourages him and licks his mouth off. But if I Charly had the arm and only the butt to Joy sustained for sniffing (because it precludes self) he is very quiet and has the rod completely relaxed until Charly but Joy sees it starts again from the beginning. Besides the two are alone outside off street, then gives Charly also one stays calm even though you are connected to Joy pure will he not be also.

Now my question what tun..Wir want to keep both dogs. The best that both dogs can live together quietly. Have you perhaps tips as we get this done Charly least not to you start?

LG. Tine

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Good to Labbi my parents adopted by famous because she had an allergy to this breed, the dogs live apart, so we are constantly together. Have presented the Labbi Charly and he has accepted immediately at the beginning and even invited into the apartment. My father said umbedingt directly address the Labbi and stroke WHILE who westi she sniffs and since he did that, the WestinWORKOUT started to go to get rid of them. Now he need only hear them and he barks already. I also said that this would be a good idea but unfortunately they do not listen to me ... wanted to know your opinion in order to hear something you say. And yes Labbi can really be annoying and clumsy;) very even but very sweet

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