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We have "adopted" for just over 1 year, a Beagle bitch. it is now 10 years old and the previous owner had to give it away because of any trouble with any amt. in the beginning it has often done at night in the apartment (kot and urine). we thought it would stop, because it is insecure because of the new environment. after few months this has improved seh and she has long not cleansed. for some time but goes off again. Today she has while nobody was at home and vomited made in the apartment (urine). we take about 2 times a week in the riding stable with where they always eat some actually find (bread / carrots / horse fodder / horse manure ...) none of it is moldy or bad Weil should be fed to the horses actually yes; ) up on the horse droppings but I have read that this is not unnatural that dogs eat. (Make horses sometimes) and our horses are all healthy. Now my question: is the "in making flat" from eating too much or because they may have an indigestion? or something else? if it is in the barn, we try to keep them something to eat, but you will just always something and we do not even have all the time in the car sit, so also has little sense. hope there's reply :) thanks ^ _ ^

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Could be worms when your dog eats horse manure policy. Leave it to necessarily investigate the vet !!!

you were not in, the vet? You should allow only check whether there is a health issue.

Also you should also remember that something can happen by stress. Power it also at night back to the apartment? Is it at night alone? Maybe they can only poorly be alone and thus is psychologically just not clear.

As for the vomiting or diarrhea, can also always the food causing problems. What will become fed?

BTW just because horses eat it all, it means nicjt that dogs which utilize the same. There are carnivores. Your digestive tract is to be able to short to utilize vegetable tidy and many dogs react to cereals.

If the dog for so long has problems then why were not the vet? I would clarify here first if the problem does not have physical causes.

That being said: Even if it is particularly difficult, especially for Beagle, the dog must learn that he can not eat anything he finds just interesting. Who knows so what else she eats everything.

Honestly? If your dog is now 10 years old, then let it out a blood count to make ...

What food gets the bitch?

Can it be that they eat large quantities at a time? (Which could favor the vomiting)

Has the bitch these digestive problems, even when you are with her at home?

It is certainly not bad when a healthy dog ​​'nen to horses Appel begrudge, but a dog with digestive problems should be something better not find and collect :-)

My advice: as soon as possible makes an appointment with the veterinarian and reported as accurately as possible of the troubles ...

If she eats horse droppings, they will naturally get sick! Horse droppings is logically from cereals. And dogs are carnivores. Too much grain causes illness. Uncontrolled seizure also makes sick. Dogs that eat feces, often have deficiencies. Your they probably feeds not neat enough.

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