Old german shepherd dog really 16 weeks old?

Got a second shepherd puppies 1 week before. I was told that she was 16 weeks old, she weighs currently 9 kilos. Can that old tune, because our other sheep dog puppy is as old but weighs 16 and is a lot bigger. They will simply not be housebroken, makes repeatedly in the apartment even though we were only there ... If it is in the end less than it should or can man not yet say whether it is a smaller now?

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Where does the dog?

Private - You were at home with someone and have seen or not the mother dog? Unfortunately, more and more puppies from propagators / dealers sold. Unfortunately, even through intermediaries like eg families. These dogs tend to be younger than indicated. This is firstly because it is cheaper to give them away earlier, and secondly because one possibly a very young puppy. Diseases not looking.

Anyway one - 9kg when Shepherd puppy tends to favor a maybe 10 week old puppy.

Do you have any papers? If so, is there 16 weeks inside or fit the birth date 16 weeks match? If it is a vaccination certificate or the homemade papers? Because unfortunately occurs too.

Anyway. Whether the puppy is younger or simply retarded - there are puppies that take much longer to be housebroken. Be patient and you'll be.

If they continue to otherwise well developed, it is ok. If not, then you have the blank check at the vet. Not that she really 16 weeks old, but is ill and thus the development is disturbed. Even something happens.

Have you been with her when Tierarz? If not, do it please. Especially when you have bought it privately. Unfortunately, many of these puppies have worms or other diseases. Better to have it checked too much than sorry.

And never buy privately, if you were not there on the spot, a home that has seen mother dog and other puppies. And even then the danger is that it is Vermehrerwelpen But then the risk is not as high.

Keyword vaccination certificate, as it is the litter date drinn. It may well be that the child weighs only 9 kilos, especially when it is small and delicate. Should the other puppy to be a male and a female small - not make comparisons. Males are usually larger than females and weigh more. And do not get upset because of housebreaking, you have it one week, you just let a little time to settle in, get used to you, etc. can not be housebroken overnight!

Hi do you have a German Shepherd brought in longcoated or in the contract actually old german shepherd dog ?? Not bad company, but which can then also be a hybrid of different old German shepherd dogs .... But it should be a delicate dog, which may be true, here is a table where you can peek something therefore your good :) here http://www.wundrock.de/infos/futter/Gewichtstabelle.htm

The age is in the vaccination certificate and the Date of birth is also published on the homepage of the breeder and reported in association ... if you have a dog from a breeder ordinary, your question is probably not the case. Hinterhofvermehrer? Then be examined from the veterinarian and the animal and have fun in the rearing of two puppies at the same time (Kopfschüttel) wiso do you look at something? No good breeder selling you a puppy when it is know that there already a puppy in the family, as one waits until the first dog from the coarsest out is pronounced at least 15 months old and well behaved.

Housebreaking can take very different from puppy to puppy there are animals that are 15 weeks with clean, so to speak, and others make with 7 months even now and then a look, because it is said to be consistent and patient.

May I take your question that you have males and one female?

Can that old tune

where you got the dog then? Actually yes is the exact age of the papers produced (pedigree).

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