old Playstation 2 Game Childhood wanted!

So have 2 games whose names have ixh Lost 1 I had borrowed and the other was mine but however misplaced ... Well let's start with the game more important to me. there are fractions from my memory has played a comic character knows nicjt more what should be the faith, however no one! this has a pirate ship discovered in which a skeleton was in its skull stuck claw 1 pair of gloves with and to this it was as the character they touched they jumped on his hands and did not go off so and now started the game with the sharp claw gloves , more I know nicjt the other was really comic and has my psyche than 6 year old child I think quite confused. one was a boy who was trapped in a kind of dream world and a slingshot had one has used as a weapon, they were worlds very abstract, a "friend" who looked like a kind of elephant came from down not always on a swing and talked to a , it has also had a comic super mode in which the character I think was black and white. so that's hoping for a quick answer!

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Hey, I just googled. May be "Vexx". lg

Vlt the first rayman?

Do you think this little "boy" who had to collect hearts and high "pull" with the claws on walls had? If so, the game there was for Gamecube. Hopefully it will help you I'm looking for the game already

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