Ölofen buy ... skepticism?

hello, I wanted to buy an oil furnace, but I am a bit skeptical because we used to have two of them and one of them never worked properly, I can still remember my father it all and sat two weeks before the door and turn rumfummelte, cleaned etc until it for some time reasonably burned again! And this then annoyed mostly in the icy Winter..er always very. What do you think about it? I guess that today's oil stoves but are somewhat better, or not? Thank you for advice, Willi :)

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it has unfortunately changed in this technique nix, which is an interaction between the stove and the chimney. Such a furnace should be operated primarily in the large position because he fouled not so fast. Also, the chimney should fit. Many "doctoring" on the controller and then wonder it's double trouble. Just a sophisticated furnace.

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