On how much degree I wash white and colored / black lingerie?

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White cotton wash at 60 degrees, white synthetic underwear and colorful wash at 40 degrees.

Towels you can wash (no matter what color - but separated by color) also at 60 degrees.

If the care signs that are sewn into the underwear. Https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textilpflegesymbol Usually washed everything down to underwear and possibly socks at 30 ° C and underwear and socks at 60 ° C ,

Read you times this post through. There you'll find a little further down the temperature data and also sons nt useful tips for washing Machine http://www.waesche-waschen.de/tipps/anfaenger.html

I wash clothes mainly at 40 °, and towels and bed linen at 60 ° or 95 °. Best regards

I'm not one hundred per cent sure but I think so 65 °, but I think it also depends on the washing powder to what is used ....

White 60 °, all other 30 or 40 °. Look into the care labels.

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