On vacation - fear to take great too :(

Hey, I fly in 2 weeks on vacation :) I have in 3 months starved / fought / :) I have taken Show Average 350-400 kcal a day :) When I go on vacation (at least 30 from 63 to 53 kg degree) I must of course eat a little more on what should I look for when eating or Will I gain pleasure, because everything exudes again in the heat: / request for quick and serious answers to give me some peace and ︝︝Danle lovely wishes

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mach but every day a beach run, a lot of drinking but water. and light means more food with fish and rice, and much gemüße. All sweets and fat fall like fries and Mayo omit. Then, a glass of wine is sometimes there.


especially in southern countries there are the ideal kitchen, vegetables, fish, (salads, fruit, depending on the holiday destination).

But since you have taken so beautiful, you can have sometimes a good meal treat, ice cream, etc. Especially in the holiday should it nevertheless let go.

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Through fasting you have not only lost fat, but much of it is muscle mass because that is the source of energy which the body attacks first (if one removes false) have and the way you described was very wrong. You are in the hunger metabolism. You have to build slowly your diet and exercise do that builds muscle and your metabolism gets going. I can not tell what you eat on holiday ... is what you taste ...

because of the heat you eat less and definitely lower in calories than home

You are in hunger and metabolism will increase anyway as soon as you stop being hungry. Build your diet slowly and cautiously on again.

What you eat, corresponds to the daily calorie needs of a newborn.

You will anyway increase again, sooner or spater.Du has itself that the worrying and morbidly not ist.Wenn better is talking to jemandem.Versuch ,, enough to eat and to make sport.

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