Once again a question for pregnancy.

Hey folks :) In many forums are different opinions on the topic 'withdrawal bleeding and pregnant?' Many say that the withdrawal bleeding is artificially caused by the pill. Sounds logical. But bleeding and pregnancy sounds to me for an extremely illogical to, since the mucosa constructed etc. repelled by the bleeding, and on the other hand is in my package inserts of the pill, which I had to make me only worry if garkeine bleeding comes.

Now to my question: If you have a withdrawal bleed despite pregnancy? And if so, how to recognize then a pregnancy despite pill? After pulling in the breasts etc.kann everything come from the pill.

Unfortunately until the end of next month to me to inquire Have an appointment with my doctor after all & please. a professional response Thanks in advance :)!

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Hello bubu2708

Taking the pill has no one but a period, by the hormone withdrawal, artificially induced withdrawal bleeding and that says a pregnant or non-pregnant from anything. Only a pregnancy test can give you security.

The answer given by expert Dr. Scheufele to the question: no period in pill break Reads It can occur due to hormonal alteration in advance that the bleeding fails. If in further cycles no bleeding occurs would be to think of a pill change. When an intake error then a pregnancy test would be useful When can you start with the first blister

What to do if your period does not arrive?

If you have taken your pills correctly, not vomited or had severe diarrhea and taken any other medicines, then the probability that you are pregnant is extremely low.

If the bleeding from twice, there is the possibility of pregnancy. Visit a doctor immediately.

Greeting HobbyTfz

No even if one is pregnant under the pill is a withdrawal bleeding very rare.

Gar no bleeding during the pill also happens sometimes. Far more often than the other case.

Ideas for pregnancy you just have to do if you had a revenue failure.

The leaflet says just very little about the frequency of a phenomenon and is often very unrealistic.

If you have a withdrawal bleed despite pregnancy?

Can you, yes.

And if so, how to recognize then a pregnancy despite pill?

If you take the pill correctly, you can not get pregnant. If you take it not precisely correct, you can still get pregnant and give then just a pregnancy test.

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