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Hello people I had once again a question for the pill. I take my immeram evening so tonight. And if I have breakfast or lunch would have sexual intercourse tomorrow they would work from previously engined tag still or I need the pill tomorrow in front of sexual intercourse take again?

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Hello 123kiara123,

If you take the pill regularly, not vomiting, no diarrhea has and no medication takes impair the effectiveness of the pill, you have taken regularly before the break at least 14 days on the pill, the break does not last longer than 7 days and one on. 8 again carries on the day with the pill, then you are protected during the break, and immediately thereafter, to 99.9%. The pill is one of the safest contraceptives and if you are both healthy you can do without the condom and he can also come in you. It is also with vomiting and diarrhea continue to be protected if you respond correctly and a pill nachnimmt when it happens within 4 hours after taking the pill. When diarrhea is one in this case diarrhea only aqueous.

Whether you the pill before or after sex take does not matter.

Thus, the pill can not forget you save the memory into the phone. You can also pack next to the coffee machine, next to the coffee cups or next to the toothbrush place.

Our experience has shown that it is safer to take the pill in the morning. It is usually at the same time and on the weekends if you get up again later makes the time difference does not matter if is in the package insert your pill that can be a forgotten pill nachnehmen up to 12 hours. In addition, we then have all day nachzunehmen to a forgotten pill. Dinner is more on the go and then sees the time.

Greetings HobbyTfz

No!! For God's sake, not again a take Before traffic! That would also mean that if you, coarsely woven, 3x sex a day had, ever would have before to take a pill. No, no, no ... It will not work. Anscheindend you was not explained. You take the pill every day, if possible to the same time a. A per day. If you have forgotten them, post them to 12 hours even nachnehmen.


let you please again by your gynecologist about the use of the pill you enlighten take them once a day and if you regularly take you hate even during break your protection

As long as you do not forget it does not matter whether you have sex directly after ingestion or only 23 hours later. The effect is maintained

If you take the pill it affects every day at any time. It does not matter when you have sex.

I would advise you to take in the morning because it acts most

Once a day and always at fixed time. So ma finally learns indeed at school and at the doctor

Please please inform you again in detail, what the pill is and exactly how it works! Very suitable for this is the package insert, which should always be read before taking the drug.

Currently you seem to take it, without having a clue.

it if you can detail enlighten the gynecologist you again would be best.

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