Once again the question: what can I give my parents for Christmas).?

Hello :) I know you do not know my parents and I know that was my question probably already felt in 1000 asked me, but my parents tell me that they only want a "listening" daughter, and let's face it, nothing will come: D

My parents like to do sports, often to eat, and nothing really special ...

Would you have still ideas what I could buy them Budget would per person 15 € ...

Thank you in advance :)

The best answer

Give them a meal voucher from their favorite restaurant worth a total of € 30 and write a love letter to that you will be an exemplary, obedient and attentive daughter from 2015 onwards. So you have 20 days to release it outward, conflicting and on-the-go nerves left ... use the time from then is not so funny: D

Your mother you can buy the perfume eg http: //www.rakuten.de/produkt/lr-heart-und-soul-eau-de-parfum-50-ml-604446725.ht ... ^^ ne fun with the link

Can you cook? : D Maybe a dinner would be something :)

Perhaps a coupon

Book tickets for ne theater performance.

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