One dog allowed, I have to because second questions?

Sunny greetings from Cologne :-) Me and my friend are three months ago moved to an apartment where according to a statement of the caretaker actually do not allow dogs. Know my landlord not personally because he lives in Bremen. but I have a miniature pinscher and that's okay, according to the caretaker. Next to me lives a dog and the caretaker has himself a cat. A lease is nothing forbidding about a pet. My question to you is, I can get a wide zwergpinscher me without hesitation because I yes a have been approved, or I get problems? Lg leona :-)

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Actually you can only the landlord allow the dog ownership and not the caretaker. You can contact him by writing to you yes.

The owner community can be quite effective ban by majority decision, the dog and cat ownership. Your landlord would know if such a decision is present.

Small animals such as cats, hamster / fish are always welcome. Here necessarily ask. The other owner can allow it, not yours.

Can also possibly be controlled via the Hauordnung depending on the plant.

call the owner best and nachhacken and again send to a security-mail and he should confirm this via email if he agrees.

I will not escape the impression that the caretaker allowed at will, so as not to fall into the line of fire itself.

Even if a general prohibition could be so tilted in circumstances, does not long that her since on the legally safe side!

A purchase of a second dog I would never draw under these circumstances into consideration. Since glad that you can yet live unmolested there!

Legally clean which is not fact and it has so far only been good because the owner apparently the reports of its janitor familiar and makes himself a picture.

but I have a miniature pinscher and that's okay, according to the caretaker

Since when a caretaker has something to say? You need the consent of the landlord, not the caretaker. And also in writing.

And of course you need for a second dog in turn the consent of the landlord, which he may refuse founded. Please do not forget to ask for the first dog to consent.

If really no dogs are allowed I would definitely clarify (:

hundealtung must warden allowed the landlord in writing-what the caretaker says, is not of importance. shclimmstenfalls can be rescinded without notice ...

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