one of my friends to scratches

Hello, I have a question

one of my friends to scratches. he said that it would not physically but mentally help. what can I do so that it does no more scratches?

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Personally, I find this therapists and psychologists stuff is not always useful, it helps only the very violent count. I think it's better if you have your friend / in show that you always stand behind him and give him the feeling of someone he can hear. Because at such times you feel very misunderstood ... is simply always for those there. In hard cases, as I said the Therapeuten..aber I find better to have a person to be trusted kann..und the bad times forgets a little :)

Nothing, except him advise professional help (psychologists, therapists) visit, or contact such persons to the time to ask.

However, you can help him only if he wants to be helped. Otherwise, the wasted effort.

Speaking with his parents and ensure that he undergoes therapy.

Children who scratch themselves, thus showing their inability to cope with normal stresses of everyday life.

Blame parents that wrap these kids in sugared pink cotton are to leave rather than for its own mistakes times consistently fall on the nose (which would be normal).

To soften the "love" Kids and never learn to deal with problems themselves.

If we are illegally climbed 30 years ago on a tree and fell down, we have not let on and endured.

Tell him if he wants to make no therapy times but the page (or walls pages with Skills).

Skills are actions for reducing stress. Because with SVVlern (people who hurt themselves) is to get rid of quickly and consistently when not scratch as a pressure they carve through. Always be prepared for relapses. Do not judge him, but give him because such acts do not short more attention. There are ways out there, but if I eg not more carve me, you may still every few months time give a relapse.

Still, I'm an example that it is feasible.

Everything good and eighth on you.

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