One should not for a girlfriend "Search" - but I can not stop it !?

is always said, you can find a friend when you least looking it ...

I try it so good it goes, but if I then a girl can see that I like well, I think things like, "If my girl would be ... what we could do together .... that would make me infinitely happy do..."

I (16 years) had never even a girlfriend and never something with a girl (no kiss, no "Bussi" no touch). Although it is my biggest, greatest desire. The femininity and tenderness of a girl who is so lacking in my life. I have to give so much love and dedication.

So if it comes when you do not expect, how can I (and my subconscious) stop "Search" ??? Please help me, I will if I already am not crazy.

Thank you very much, Dino expert !!!

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that's just such a spell ... that has nothing to do with sucheb, but often it happens unexpectedly that you fall in love. If you feel lonely, you can j get to know a couple of girls better and arrange to meet them ... you have my respect that you're 16 and never had a girlfriend ... believe me something like girls, if you faithfully 're lucky

Do not worry, you're not going crazy. We are human beings and have aspirations, this is normal. Who said that you should not seek? The point is not cramped hell-bent to force anything! What makes you because in the eyes of a woman adorable? Women want a real man who has a goal and perseverance. Be persistent and determined, but never over rough or demanding. not displacing you, you're fine the way you are. Work on your self-confidence that you radiate namely well - if you feel as nothing or whether you realize who you are, you can feel every woman.

Good luck, eventually it'll work when you least expect it - but not alone!

Hi! Sit times back and try to get up. I tell you that you can not, because either you sit stay or you do like. Try to get up, that no man can! If you see a girl that you like, then they speak to or give her another nod, but do not think what you can do everything together. That you think about only when she has found interest in you. You're not crazy, only the order of your thoughts a little confused. And if you're very shy, then whistle it and make time a macho.

Dear Dino expert! You can not control, not really. You fall in love in the moment you fall in love halt. Of course, one thinks, "How nice it would be if I were with her, but these are just wishes. It is really already come the time when I'm sure. You and your charm, you will find both already have a girlfriend if not now, then certainly gaaaaanz in one or two years you probably someone who loves you just as you are. do not worry. if something should be, write yes? I'll help like a nice evening, Selin14

How about if you hold for a young look for?

Less can not look for a wife one.

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