Only 1.70 m tall (girlfriend Search)

I am male and only 1.70 m tall. At every turn, I get to hear from women that is 1.70 m too small. Do you find 1.70m tall men unattractive?

Although I'm only 19 but I fear that I find no girlfriend

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Personally, I prefer men who are at eye level in about with myself (am 163cm -. 170cm is therefore ideal) one hand, characterized the relationship feels much gleichgwertiger to - you have to look up to anyone and no one can look down on you. On the other hand, has such a small size difference the advantage that the smooch do not get a stiff neck and thus much more convenient feasible to exchange caresses - or übehaupt only is possible (eg "69'er position" or simultaneous kiss and fondle - when the other much more size is than you, these things are terribly strenuous to physically impossible) really has a partner who is as big as oneself only one significant drawback:. ladders to reach higher ground things have to be just as frequently brought out how to it would without a partner. But as I look for in a partner no hillige worker, this disadvantage is not noteworthy. I'm sometimes assume that I am not the only one who thinks so - so only the rest. You'll already have a girlfriend who so loves you as you are.

You can probably even a girlfriend do not worry :) there is little women: D I personally think does not slow the little men are unattractive :) I hope could help, good luck further x

I am w and 1,81m tall. The guy in the I fell in love, has about your size. So, nothing is impossible :) And you're practically a kid, you've got all the time in the world to find a girlfriend :)

So there are quite honest and girls who love smaller boys or girls in general are smaller than you and it's a prop bisi small for a 19 year old .. haha ​​but that may change is yes .. every human body differently.

and there are girls who watch more on character's than on appearance. believe me there are many girls who think so haha;)

Your most girls, it is important that the boy is taller than she.

am 170 cm tall and pretty hot so .... haha, no is in serious size not matter, apart from that small men (if not too small so under 1.65) for many women more attractive! :-)

there are on every corner women only 1.60 are ^ _ ^ check already jmd

Laber not crap: Strength prefer your confidence. That it is more

I for example would not have a friend who is 170cm tall because I am happy even 170 cm tall. But there are also women who are 160 cm tall because then it does not interfere.

Only at your size now wirds not fail, not make yourself there times too much.

I am 1,87m, only the size but you can impress anyone. Although I had never assumed problems with women but just do not think it would be just because you're big.

I think it's great .. ︝ I hate big men

My boyfriend is 1.74 and I'm 1,83 me is size and appearance of it really matter ...

According to a new study (German) women are more into smaller men;)

Although I am male but I zufinden 2 mates one is 1,70cm and others even 1.60 and had no problems a friend, there are also many small women who are under 1.60 who do not want with a 1 , 90 men running around.

Bin also 1.70-1.73'm 16 but I hope will be bigger girls unfortunately on great guys :(

I am 15 and am 1.73 ... It grows to about 21. If this bothers you so'll ask the doctor

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