Only 1 testicle?

I have only one testis and I am not sure if I can still produce sperm?!?!

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A testicle can naturally produce sperm, but you should nevertheless to the doctor. Namely, if you have 2 testes simply is not relegated, is this! incorrectly positioned testes usually infertile, but this unfortunately is not the only problem. Such testicles suffer above-average frequency of testicular cancer.

Thus the please let medically clarify,

We had a school because of a testicle has slipped upwards could allegedly produce even ...

It may also be that you have an undescended testicle. Nothing really bad, kriegste a few syringes and the egg moves into the bag. Should one but check whether they really medically as an undescended testicle can lead to sterility.

Often moms is the Bissel embarrassing. But quiet ask your physician.

Yes'll. Do not worry!

Talk with your doctor, that's for sure not a big problem.

Clear must be possible must just ask your doctor

One testicle produces enough sperm. This is not so tragic. A lot of men have one testicle and are fully procreative, Since you have nothing to worry about.

Is there a Men with testicles? Sry I ask but what is the situation?

What does the number to do with the sperm production?

Sorry, but let yourself because sometimes educate by a physician or read a little in the Internet.

Probably only half of it. Ps: it is serious?

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