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Good night for now. I (M) 18 years of age and visit the 11 class. I for 1 year no longer true in the school. Since I came into a new class 2 years ago I kame there with no clearly wanted the class change, but the rector did not agree. I was put so under pressure and could not go. When the year is over I was finally glad to be there to get out and start over at vocational colleges. But it has become much worse. Since then, I think so much after just cranky. I know how important school is and I really try to go regularly now as I wanted already to sleep but can not have very bad memories and the like every day. I have my certificates dirty so what I regret so although I am a a good student. :-( I also no longer enjoy life no matter what I do whether swimming, cycling keeps everything fun I makes come always in a bad mood back home. I just think a lot too, I Motivate me always by you and try everything back to think positively and again true to take appointments. But it simply can not do. When I get up in the morning will go to school, it is very difficult for me I go instead alone in a park and wait until time passes and also cry on. :( now for example that I again very warm because of these thoughts. I'm really not like these truants or am not lazy but I can do it is not easy. That makes me feel like a nobody and eats everything on me when I think it also my future is totally messed up. I've often thought about taking my life :( but that is no solution. Why is my problem ..? I always said to me, oh that is already always more thoughts pile up in me. We all go away soon? :( I try really all'm completely at the end.

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I would also advise you to go to the doctor. He can then say whether it is depression or not you. But do you have what before playing with suicidal thoughts if you do not even have had. So hurry to the Doc Helps you more than a forum.

I know several people who are just like you went, including 2 18 year old and younger.

And if you wonder how, from the hospital. Because nothing bad turn, and there is a good chance of cure. Or possibly is Depresssion, if you have one that is not a disease that is to get rid of such a flu or a broken leg. It grows on the disease, changes his life, so it will be nice.

I'm not a doctor, but those affected, and as such I strongly advise you to talk with your doctor. And if he zickt, there's still another.

Incidentally, it is no coincidence that we are running at this time of night on the way, even sleep problems are a symptom.

I think you have severe depression when you're so listless and tired have to make the school and to enjoy the leisure and easy to go to the park. Therefore I advise you: go tomorrow morning - so really today! - To the doctor immediately! The you tell anything is wrong with you. Possibly do you need for a while, a drug that stabilizes you resist. In the long term psychotherapy would be advised. Possibly also required hospitalization, so you get away from this permanent pressure in life and thinking and once you have your peace! Degrees can always catch up. Trust me! I speak from experience. Take time for life! It is worth it ..

Go to a therapist or psychologist who will find your problem already. It is not bad to go nowadays there. I think it would be important that you have someone neutral to talk. Anything else would be remote diagnostics. You can do it! Heads up!

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