Opens a smoking cessation with hypnosis really?

I would like to stop but my hypnosis smoking am unsure if it really works. Does it really? As in hypnosis?

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Smoking and addiction are things that are closely related to the psyche together. And on all terms of the psyche can also with hypnosis (and any other forms of therapy) influence.

If the desire to quit smoking actually comes from an inner drive, then you have a good chance. If there are more external influences (Partner, money ...) then it spaar you. Unfortunately, many expect them to go without preliminary to any hypnotist and three quarters of an hour later by are the topic.

For some it works so, for most, however, requires a bit more effort: Why is actually smoked REALLY? (The least about the true own motives in the clear) I have to forego What then actually? (Raucherpause, cigarette after ...), etc., etc.

Many of these questions can be clarified by a good hypnotist. I recommend a "hypnotherapist" seek. This is someone who has a medical permission, so a medical practitioner or doctor. To simply "hypnotist" to call themselves one needs namely NO detection in Germany.

In addition, there are often relapses when the hypnotist has prayed down only "standard texts". Even so you should you look for someone who responds to you personally. If you like someone promises that you need only one session, then seeking out better someone else.

It may well be that you go from the first session out and then have never touched a cigarette, but so that even so REMAINS you need usually a few more sessions.

In summary: No, it does not work every time! But there are many people for whom it is very good.

I wish you every success, no matter which path do you choose.

Psychotropic aka Thomas

Hello! but in some cases always work like that. Depends on addiction level and willingness of the person. A friend has once lit a cigarette after the stress with hypnosis and everything was as before.

I wish you a good and nice weekend.


So I did it with hypnosis. I found it interesting that it proceeded quite differently, as one always sees on television.

I really wanted to stop because my 10 year old daughter has always said that I stink so and that she is afraid of me. I've never hidden from me before my child principle and even if you had a visit there. But comments from other children "my grandpa died because he smoked" and then the reaction of my daughter it simply hurt me.

So I wanted to be a non-smoker. You have to really want it and can not expect that hypnosis reverses the polarity of one. It facilitates a just the whole. Again, you need the will!

My husband has about 2 weeks ago just stopped so this made it easier for both of us.

I therefore went to Munich and arrived at hypnosis. Here I was informed just how the process is. First, an honest and revealing interview was conducted. I had so the impression that one has made a "self-analysis". Here I found out in which situations I smoked. What really bothers me so it took little more than an hour.. Here was for me actually already realized that I no longer want to smoke.

Then came the real part of hypnosis and even here there was absolutely different than expected. I can still remember everything, the good lady told me. And I found hypnosis ever super.

When I again opened the eyes for more than an hour, I knew everything but z. B. not how much time had passed. We then talked briefly. For example, the fact that I should not hesitate to even after a certain time do not think I can yet again a smoke, because then it could be that I smoke the same way again, as before. So my conclusion, I want and want to stop, so I leave it alone.

Conclusion: You have to want it; You must have confidence in the hypnosis and even after hypnosis You have to stay strong. For I have no desire for a cigarette, but when I worked in the garden, I smoked a reward ever after. I think of it then already.

If you want it, then try it out. I hope I could help.

Incidentally, it took me 2 years, until I finally went to hypnosis :-)


What is the most difficult in smoke cessation, is getting used to it, that in certain situations where it was previously used to it, no cigarette in his hand has. eg after breakfast, evening, if you what drinks etc. The nicotine is in a few weeks from the body, the habitual habits stay longer.

I have experienced in my family two Abgewöhnungen. My daughter's and my own. The only thing that helps is to promise to someone you love, never again to touch a. Then again, the last smoke and then to throw the box into the trash. And then repeatedly say from time to time, now I have endured it so long that I use now is not because of a stupid fag risk.

All these tools, even hypnosis are only there that one - if one is weak - is something to which one can blame. Only you alone can do it. Namely, with a decision and connect with staying adamant there.

Try it. If it helps you, it is OK. Some it may help. For those who I know who have tried this, but it has helped nobody.

I myself have also stopped in a time when I smoked 3 packs a day, to also pipe and cigar now and then. So very heavy smoker. In mar quitting was easy, I've done my will. Within a quarter of an hour I decided to simply stop smoking. And from then on I have not smoked. 18 years of the now since. So it's just the best.

Study: Abstinence rates of almost 90% (source: meg Tübingen)

As long as you are mesmerized yes. Auvergne if you then no longer wake up from hypnosis

I was told in the circle of friends that has helped them. Others reported that helped them acupuncture.

Well, and still others made it with a strong will. For the will's definitely a prerequisite for smoking cessation.

Maybe you want to try it that way. - Read my detailed info with tips and videos that I purely admit those who quit smoking and Non smoking again want:

❀ quitting - again Non smoking are ✿


I wish you great success!

Each of the claims here, that would have nothing to do with Willenskrft mistaken. It has only to do with willpower, who are the weak-willed just not ready to apply.

sometimes yes and sometimes no

may If you have the will to quit hypnosis be supportive, but does not replace the responsibility. You have to really want it otherwise helps you nothing!

Very unlikely

Know at least 2 people, where it actually worked. So yes, it works.

Hello adesz2005,

My son-smoking has become habit with hypnosis. That worked, but only for a few months. Now he smokes more than before.

Greeting HobbyTfz

Yes, it works. One need but the will and one should believe in themselves. Greeting, Soeber

No, it does not work, only max. 5% do it by

Yes, It is possible for only one of the makes with you, also has the power, comes through hypnosis, other things in your subconscious to plant, the

then the same as if someone, or you, in somebody's dream collapses, the

Risk, either you come before man Awake, from the dream, or

Never more, are capturing and Willenlos


I've even heard that costs are taken or subsidized by some health insurance.

Because Hyponse can heal depression, trauma, etc.

Hard to believe

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