Opposition on payment order! As?


first sorry for my finally out of the web geratenen tone in the last question. :-) If the issue still like to again throw in the round, as it is important to me, if that's okay.

So the question or questions was (s):

Should I have been contrary to the letter of Zahlungssaufforderung from a collection agency?

When is a court order normally or does he look?

I thank all those who respond helpful. It is all about the opinions of others that such a problem might have ever me. I also have relatives, acquaintances interviewed schhon who had something with no contact. I'm going to therefore have to seek legal advice ...

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I have now only times your other question. My son had the same problem as you.

There are sample letters, eg in Abzocke.de, send this with your data directly to 1 & 1 by registered mail / return receipt.

Everything else sit out, not let you confuse.

Only if a court order from the dunning court comes, you make there on the boilerplate opposition a tick set.

But what does not occur with certainty. With us for a year rest, neither collection nor other.

best regards

Should I have been contrary to the letter of Zahlungssaufforderung from a collection agency?

Do not harm, once to declare his will, and to object to the transfer of data to SCHUFA. When obviously baseless claims, or those who come via mail, because you do not know your address, I would refrain.

When is a court order normally or does he look?

Yellow envelope. The deliverer will ring for you. If you refuse to accept or are not there, he will be thrown into your mailbox and then apply formally delivered. The period of 14 days begins to run (exceptions according to § 233 ZPO etc. times left out).

But your question was how to appeal to a court order.

This goes through the boxes and sign and particular deadline forming, assignable returning, the response page to the dunning court.

If the claim against you is unjustified, it is always recommended in writing to disagree! Otherwise you would have to in order for payment to explain why you have the demand just is not contradicted, if this is not justified in the court! Should come sometime a court order, it shall be given you this as a way to express yourself to the demand of the debt collection company. At least then you have to be substantiated and, if possible, be able to demonstrate that the claim against you is unfounded. But you can already turn in advance by making the collection enterprise clear that this requirement is unjustified possibly!

The collection-payment request should at least once assignable contradict (registered mail, return receipt requested or ball). Therefore, so that they may not register with the Schufa, otherwise they may after 2 reminders and 6 weeks (§28a German Data Protection Act).

In case of obvious fraudulent claims they can not, of course.

The court MB comes in yellow envelope with Zustellaufkleber by the court, is a formal court letter, and the opposition hangs together instructions. The must in time to the court (!) Email.

Googel times by Judicial court order and pattern!

With the debt collection company, of course, you could contact and vereinbahren.Damit a rate per month do you think you, I believe, also a payment order from the neck and everything after that so can write to you to kommt.Du pay small installments every month, the main thing is, you're paying Willig and can thus really turn much worse.

You must fill in the form for the opposition.

If you have any fear of doing something wrong, can you seek help at the local court.

You wait on the court order and then go until the contradiction of your respective Begründung..alles other is then controlled by the court as the further procedure.

Is a yellow envelope with Postzustellurkunde On Di A3 sheet what's in there is great court order. So you'll recognize him. The collection you can disagree if it appears promising. Maybe they save then going to the dunning court.

How did it happen at all to the post from the collection? What happened? Do you have a reason to object to the request for payment?

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