Optimal weight for my size?

I am about 1.60 long (female) so much would be my ideal weight you think ??

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Weighing all you want, look yourself in the mirror and stick to the weight where you feel good, you have no 50 kg are to be beautiful and are not fat, it's up to you to it .. Feminine curves with more than 60 kg stature ect .. Feel just probably not come to be too thin on the stupid idea just because someone writes you ideal weight you only with 40 kg of ..

BMI calculator there like sand at the sea, both for adults and for children (incl. 18)

This is not a matter of opinion. The normal range of BMI for your size range from 48 to 64 kg.

50 to 52 kilos would be ideal

Depends on your age at but so about 55

To 50 kg are perfect, I think. but 55kg are also fully okay :)

always Depends on how old you are :)

Between 50 and 60 kg.

find so 45 kilos.

Yes about 50-55 kg

so around the 55-65


Ever heard of BMI?

50 kilos?

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