order dog ?!

Hello! We have a pug found we want to buy, but they do not like and do not like visiting Telwfonat only email and she likes him deliver leave, we should accept the offer or leave rather be?

The best answer

A dog is not a commodity that can be ordered on ebay, paid and ready. And perhaps complained at the end again and returned or worse disposed on highway parking.

Who does not visit or phone calls, although he makes a sold business, has something to hide. so let if possible it alone !!!!

By buying in such dubious figures (like women be advanced as a seller to feign innocence.) Support to the machinations of these people, and encourages them to "produce" more animals to leave. The dams are breeding machines, which are maintained under miserable circumstances. And just because apparently fits the price, that is no reason to buy an animal.

Often these animals have never seen a vet. That you have to then catch up and can be very quite expensive, because these animals are sick.

Rather let be, you buy after the cat in the bag ... What do you do when the sweet little dog in truth is aggressive and bites or ye partout not make friends with him can, because it just does not fit?

It is strange that they do not want a reasonable contact with you, so play it safe :)

Doggy you also get from friends, from the shelter, etc., because you need also not expensive for breeders :)

And because you can also only make friends with the animals :)

delivery dog? I would not trust the thing. I myself a dog from the Internet saved from the shelter and the people were open and honest. I would want to know who the beast is and want to know as "Still owner" where it get there


You fall to 100% Go to fraudsters. Before you turn responds to another ad or so you. To an animal shelter or reputable ASPCA and makes you only times really smart

Let this, because you know never what you get, animals should have a look at the breeder, as the animals are kept there as well, or even better get him to you from the shelter

That can not be a responsible breeder.

No one with intelligence is a dog off at any stranger, without which they had at least once as to familiarize yourself with the dog "known".

100% a scam.

She wants to provide the dog? Maybe even with advance? Do not let it, a ..

No, that does not sound serious. Would look for another supplier and another pug


Since it would have with you all Alarm bells!

so is not a reputable breeder.

No way!! Hands off!!. This is apparently a rogue breeders. The animals are bred mostly sick and without a license and veterinary inspection. Find out how you the breeders' association for a reputable dog breeder.

Let it go. Who knows where this dog comes. Better to go to the local animal shelter because wait many animals in a loving women / owner.

Let it rather. These dogs are often sick and in poor conditions. Goes on NO WAY a fact. In addition, send a dog ?!

His blank. That's no book and no pants - also you have the dog get to know first.

Sounds somehow very untrustworthy. What's for delivery? Will you send it by mail? If you look at the dog does not look first before you buy it?

Let it go. That sounds more than doubtful.

Absolutely no way! The skin over the ear you! When you buy an animal, you should look at it is always on site. Who knows if the animal is healthy at all or where it grows straight.

They want neither visit nor phone is also very disturbing because I get the feeling right is an impostor or even a Hundeentführerin.

Yes, there are people who steal other people her puppies and then sell these just continue! Perhaps it is just such a person and do not want you to know where she lives or what she looks like, her voice sounds etc.

Hands off of it!

No! Come out to the shelter and also as an animal! LG Franz

But he's from the Czech Republic from any torment breed - the screams already then.

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