order online as a child?

Love -User, I would like to order a few things online, but am still under 18 and do not know what had for Bezahlmöglichkeiten I then to choose from. (I do not have a credit card)

Can you advise me as? May I conclude online transactions at all yet? Or do I necessarily ask you to pay for my parents?

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You are under 18 and are therefore not entirely legal capacity you should ask permission and best run it through their account / account definitely your parents. If you have a checking account you can so it transfer to you when buying an invoice by email with blank which you can then transfer it since then are account data etc. sonsten best to ask the parents :-).

Love Annjy, under 18 you are still not fully competent, that is, you must buy anything yet. Or. the purchase is invalid and your parents can send it back without comment! Especially if it similar to an expensive game consoles goes ...

It also has a reason why you can order something on the Internet only with account or credit card with a salary account or credit card one can prove that one actually has money. So a salary, not spending money. Thus, the seller can be sure to get his money well. And it only gets both if one is legally competent.

In addition, one wants to protect children from getting into debt !!!!!!

If you consult you with your parents, you're always on the safe side.


How will you pay without a credit card? You are under 18 so is a business with you void. Can you even paying cash on pickup but since the roads are usually too long ...

It's best to simply ask your parents. For most payment options are only starting 18 you also Depends on how old now are. With 14/15 years I would like to order yet not alone.

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