Origin prevents download of SimCity, Fifa 15, etc ... So what to do?

I SimCity ordered me to Amazon and wanted to play today the same. Now I have the problem that there is something wrong with Origin. Because if I click on "Download" is located there that donload prepared BUT then I get the message "Origin must share four files and waits for your permission. Please choose yes when will Windows asks for permission." All well and good but now I get no news of WINDOWS !!! So people bitteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me!

If you have the same problem / you had and you then get it back but please write a helpful answer !!!

The best answer

Origin start as admin, uninstall Origin manually delete the cache files of Origin.

I had the problem already. : / Because I have the file from the CD is opened and then has just installed origin. There I could like you download also not things because of this lack of permission: /. ## Then I downloaded and installed Origin with chip! ## So it was with me! I hope I could help you :) MfG -Pho3nix-

Attempt maybe to finish Origin and Origin.exe (C: \ Program Files \ Origin \) to perform as an administrator. (Right click -> Run as administrator). If that does not help, you can restart the PC, install Origin, or wait for other answers.


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