Orijen dog food is good or bad


Is ORIJEN dog food well and someone has experience with it !?

Lg. Lena

The best answer

Orijen is okay, but wet feed is substantially better. I can not imagine that a dog is happy with me every day the same feed and the same taste and be the life-long - doing it is so delicious raw meat in so many variants

Orijen is a good dog food, but if it can withstand your dog, you'll see. I tried it for a while after my dog ​​has barf not tolerated, but had even Orijen still far too many proteins. not every dog ​​can withstand that. I had to switch to wolf blood horse and since then it's my dog ​​very well. Of course the sworn BarFer will now object any dog ​​would barf tolerated. my only had diarrhea and because it was young dog to a puppy / I did not have the world experimenting all time, finally he was in growth. dry food, it is recommended to insert a long time with a lot of water, so that it is soaked, so the dog too much water enzieht body with the dry food from the. I put the feed before bedtime and feed it in the morning. after I give him a little hard to munch on for the teeth.

No idea why ORIJEN is praised - even if it lt the information on the website to be a really great food from happy grown Tierene -. After processing it is a vulgar dried fodder, which is provided with synthetic vitamins and trace elements, as well as preservatives , What's so good?

Here is brought to the appearance of the manufacturer's Web site that no synthetic additives are included - but unfortunately this is not true.

The freeze-dried roughage of Orijen is good, though seehr expensive, but the dry food I would never recommend - all foods to which one the term 'ADDITIVES' will belong to the ton.

Look here: http: ... //www.haustier-news.de/orijen-regional-red-hundefutter-unsere-erfahrungen-i - can even read.

I would generally feed no dried fodder, however, belongs to Orijen one of the best brands.

Nevertheless I advise you still Barf.

Dry food I would give any dog. High-quality wet food from a brand (eg. By Fang) is good or most ideal would naturally small animal food.

Love Lena, although sometimes even annoying ...

Orijen is one of the best dry food ...

Now do not ask how many grams of it you shall feed the puppy in the future ...

Wart's just starting ... you get the breeder a feeding plan ...

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