Orthodontist might delay treatment

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my friend is with 28 payers in orthodontics. He can miss a fixed brace in orthodontics. Back then was told he must carry 1 year. Now it has reached the 3 year mark 2 weeks ago.

  1. What possibilities does so to delay his treatment an orthodontist?
  2. Can another orthodontist when he sees his position of teeth and the fixed brace see how long he would have to wear the brace yet and whether the brace is set correctly?

So without requesting documents because not my friend would that be now to the KFO gets.

Greetings crazy maria

The best answer

He can always go to another orthodontist and get a second opinion. He is free, the doctor permanently wechseln.Die documents then requests the new doctor by themselves, since they need not to worry about it. Radiographs are now already much too old to be interested in any man more, the attending physician would ohnhin make new recordings. lg Lilo

He can even make an appointment in another and describe this his situation. He will then tell him what he holds it and whether he can tell right without documents.

Should seek a second opinion from another doctor

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