Ouftifts for school (16 years old 9th grade girls)

I actually always wear very simple things, Top, ne jeans, boots Ankle boots or Converse my MK bag and smooth hair :)

Would like but dress Contemporary :) Do you have ideas what you can so attract female in school with 16 years? :)

I like this 'normal' no longer style

The best answer

Try it once with a pant has the holes (for the time very modern) go Simply drop some shopping and see what it currently so are at h & m, zara, Hollister and such. In addition, nike shoes are very modern. By the way I am 15 and 9th grade. Lg :)

So first wow you're 16 and going into the ninth class? I am 14 and going into the ninth grade. I myself used to be dressed so normal did a year ago but started to dress more in the direction of chic and so therefore you have to attract not always jeans but can also leggings and a big and nice long sweatshirt attract what you thigh to mid would be before cool would look great or vllt you also ne very tight jeans that your legs come to retribution you measure jetz niht your whole po make fei and about color I bring in very much prefer pink us green and not always direction basics but also skirts or so hopefully has geholfem you this: D

Hey, whatever truly helps to make them more interesting so simple outfits jewelry :) but you could do it with something flashy colored shoes try :)

Kardigan would also be nice :-)

Maybe a blouse

So to me is always said that I'm fashionable: D

So I've always torn jeans to a top and a plaid shirt over it, then my leather jacket and my Uggs / black Converse / or Nike Blazar :) Make me always Loose Curls :)

I'm 16 if it helps you :)

Frag doch mal the guys what the find so chic: D I think it's always best if girls nen dress little sporty ... but still sexy: D Must see NEN balance :) I myself am 18, if you are interested in the ^^

Hey I'd love to help you, am also student of 9th grade and have to write today before a girl hasbook jazzed little desire to write on Facebook then I can give you the necessary tips you!

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