Our dog (9Years) must now be chipped as we plan a holiday abroad .....

What you paid her? And it is true that it is not to be so good in an "old" dog? Some say the tube travels !!!!!! Where would you think this is the best place?

Otherwise I do in my home before I leave my old dog's mood

Thanks for your answers / opinions

The best answer

Hello Berta, as far as I know this has to do with the size of the dog. Our Collie Lassie has the chip in the neck and our two Yorkies have the chip on the left shoulder in the muscle meat, because the neck too little of it is there. Our Large is now 11 and there is still nothing moved. The needle when chip set is pretty big, but there's just you a little Fiepser and then ists over, if the doctor accidentally hits a blood vessel (he can not even under the skin schaun), then makes a drop of blood and already is everything survived. Our 8 Yorky Puppies have survived bravorös, I thought it would be much worse ... :-)

The implantation is easy and fast, there is no anesthesia required. The chip is forgery and manipulation. The chip remains functional throughout the life of the animal, as often read and "wanders" usually not by the animal's body.

The chip should be on the left side of the neck.

The costs vary widely between 20, - and 50, - Euro.

The chip is about the size a grain of rice.

The position is the same for all. The search can not be located.

I then let chipping in the first vaccination my dogs. Ka what it cost

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