Our dog always swallowed why?

Hello, we have the following problem. Whenever he somewhere against suppressed during battle or during games, he swallowed his neck afterwards, why is this so and what can you do?

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Your little dog might reverse sneezing. Stress, excitement, pressure on the neck (z. B. also, when he held in harness collar).

the KLANN of harmless be swallowed übeer reverse sneeze, tracvhialkollaps (initial stage) to cancer be anything. Get it from abchecken TA - it can be dangerous and ne remote diagnostics does not work. Ask with diagnosis again

Whenever he somewhere against suppressed during battle or during games, he swallowed his neck to

why must fight your dog? Something you should stop! Education is the Alpha and Omega!

Many dogs respond as if they pull hard and then pressure is exerted on the neck. You should therefore your dog better put a harness. Or visit a dog school with dog and learn to walk him in the foot.

Meiin dog also swallows often. Earlier, it was often in strong effort, but she coughs then usually also. The idea was we close that she has lung worms, but the treatment was not crowned with success, and the critters have never existed.

The symptoms she still has.

Would that be time to check my blood test if your also coughs frequently.

Otherwise it could be an anomaly of the larynx or the like.

He gasps then so weird, right?

This is not swallowed, which is a short-term "bad breath-ability", which can sometimes happen when the larynx wrid charged.

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