Our dog barks and constantly

Hi, I'm new here and hope that I "help" for my problem find here! We have a 17 month old havaneser Bitch (with 12 months they have been castrated). Until 2-3 months everything was great, but now you barking at us constantly! I must admit that we have reacted with each barking immediately. Either she was let out because they barked at the patio door, or they barked us directly and we played with it, or we have scolded because of barking. So she had enjoyed our full attention! The mistake we then noticed sometime and are now trying to fix it. I read somewhere that we should then completely ignore them ... we do ... which is really hard because she barks very loud and not immediately stop). You will also no longer be greeted at the door when they come wagging tail on us, but only if we want it (approx. After 2/3 minutes). She gets her food and only exclusively through reward: either while walking tasks, play the "decent" or small brainteasers. We deal with it by much more intense than before! But somehow she barks even more now as before! Do I just hold out longer and laying then? ... Or we do something wrong? I Bring about by ignorance the contrary? Oh, and she is constantly restless! Runs all the time around the house, sitting as stretched outside the window, waiting for what runs past what they can bark at! She is relaxed and sleeps during the day comes before hardly! Would be very happy if someone here has a good tip for me! Regards, Sandra

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The bitch thinks that it is a danger to their rudel you are you have to show the IHR her boss are you might have children or other pets? she sees you as a threat to their rudel or for the need to change their ignore perhaps brings something because if you reacted to it stimulates even more on good luck and I hope that I could help you

LG Lara

PS: would be good if you could vlt still tell me how their environment looks so kids, other pets

Sounds like she primarily energy surplus. Go ride her bike, City SCOOTER or the like. Otherwise, if it even when you scold for not stops barking, the train is first worn. Ignore is then good if you throw them a garden just get out and do the curtains to let them again only pure when it is silent :) Sets tolerant neighbors advance ...


go every day a std with her cycling, the powert from extreme.

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