Our dog is behaving funny with young children ...

Hey, we have a mixed breed dog (almost 1 1/2 years old). Normally it is (with people they know well) super nice and can really do anything with it. But it is in other very suspicious. Last night I was with her. When my 3 year old cousin who is very wild and somewhat untutored He's our dog always went afterwards and later he fiddled in her face. Even something they can (for me anyway) normally like. But because it is a little scary for him (because he is always behind her, etc), it has this time bitten his hair, held it and pulled, after approx she has released four seconds and has come to me. At first I saw her (something) insulted. But I tell him repeatedly that it something not like and he will make it. So how can I wean our dog "attack" and how can I teach her not to be so suspicious?

FYI: She has him in advance "bitten", but always when she realizes that she hurt, she apologizes immediately. And when many people are around them, then barks or snaps sometimes ...

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I think it has a bad experience with (young) children.

Presumably she was when she was once of (young) children mistreated, kicked or as a puppy. Therefore, it has now afraid of them.

I would teach her slowly, that this fear is unnecessary. In the beginning you're doing it for example with 10-year-old children known and if she has befriended with those with 8-year-olds ...

I would give her but definitely a command such as 'OFF' teach to the then reliably hear, so they then stop in an emergency if you require it.

Lg. And good luck,


Hello, IgotSwag. The bitch is annoyed by the child, you stride not one to protect them, and they did to curse out after they asked for help from you, if they then normally only defends itself, and it must take care of. When the cousin stalking again, place yourself between dog and, take to relieve the situation into their own hands your H. of harassment. Incidentally tend children in the age to be very rough, because power and opportunities to test other words, how far you can go before a reaction occurs. Well, and human bustle in masses can make the calmest dog crazy because people like to overlook that are not at eye level: Kicks on paws, harassing Rumgekrabbel at H. by up children etc. including massive restriction of freedom of movement. LG + success.

#### So how can I wean our dog "attack" and how can I teach her not to be so suspicious? Yes #### first you should give your little cousin made to understand how he has to deal with the dog , Even a child with 3 years should understand how to behave. Since not the dog is angry, or based on the tail or ears, as is not chased, even he is not bothered dog when he is eating or rest stops. Because something unfortunately happen Beißunfälle because the holders do not intervene in time. Children at that age are unpredictable when they have no experience with animals, are coarse, quicken rum, are loud often confused the the dog. Because you as an adult has a different attitude to the dog, like a baby without fear.

You let a child touch a dog that has ever bitten exactly this child? Many dogs (which are not grown with small children) find children uncomfortable. There heist the dog educate so - and the child, and of course - the get go that out of the way. The two to leave together and then also on body contact is irresponsible in the highest degree. And then you complain about your grandma the rough to the dog.

Honestly, what would you do if ever one was running after you, pinches you in the face, in your hair rumwurschtelt etc .... I do not think you that makes you long like this ... You have your language and the dog his. I find the behavior of your dog in this situation described by you perfectly fine. Even your cousin have to learn with your help and your past lives how to deal with the dog. Not always the dog must be to blame when a man does something inappropriate!

So firstly you of a 3 year old did not expect that he hears to you when you say this gigantic suesse kuscheltier you must not touch or otherwise. That can not be real. Since you have as an adult and owner of dog care and keep the situation under control, in other words remain between dog and child.

I've even a 3 year old and friends with dogs. And even with the dogs that already know and like him I never let undbeaufsichtigten contact, saying, I am with my child ready dog ​​to react at the. So a just may happen at any time, but it also would have very different can end.

It's the the dog apologized beautiful if you believe it. Such a behavior is not at all. It's best to visit with him a dog school, which can behave with such nervous deal and show you how to give your dog safety. Even that can eventually turn into aggressions and eventually he is then one probably garnicht more treatable.

Have you been tense as or before it happened? If so, then transmits to the dogs. Because he felt harassed and you were also tense. This means an unsafe situation for the dog. The warning bite was the result of the situation.

She has bad memories in relation to small children

Why not protect your dog against this by? It ranges nciht a 3 year old to say that gather together hanging nciht ncoh. You'll always and imemr say again and then have him take time off.

Our dog is accustomed to small children but so what's not at all times. I call the kids away from there if I am of the opinion was enough contact. Namely, before the dog feels harassed! When the children come nciht ago I go UDN hole da away and point! I discussed but not with toddlers oO

The dog thought the little attacks him ...

There are many dog ​​the kids just do not mögen.sie are too loud, you should always be observed to roughly etc.The not leave them alone, then the dog is again to blame if it goes wrong! Animals are perse evenly also not a toy ,

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