outsource bookkeeping - What costs can be expected?


I have a question about accounting wiird Currently this done in a small individual companies (approximately 15,000 EUR revenue / year at ~ 1,000 transactions) themselves. By Kleinunternehmerregelung (yet) form free and relatively simple.

Now the idea is in the air the whole outsource especially when things no longer starts form free and VAT-Reservations etc.

What kind of costs is here because expected? And what will the practically handled? Suppose I send per month 200 bills (eg PDF), and get the same 50 bills (PDF times, sometimes on paper). Can we all just so forward to an accounting office?

What happened here for costs of approximately? I have found rates of Partial 0.69 EUR per booking, which would throw in the calculation of course all the sale prices over the pile, especially when it comes to small value invoices of times <5 EUR.

Thank you so much!

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I think if you übersteigst only the limit that you have included raise. And you get along until now with the bills themselves, then should the tax not be your problem. The you also get to grips with.

Then I'd think of swapping only when you come to a scale which you commit to accounting or you are otherwise overloaded. The pre-registrations you get determines itself out, but there are online forms at Elster.

What is rather somewhat troubling to me the spreadsheet. Unless you're selling to businesses, then your prices by 19% anyway more expensive for the customer. If you leave the price the same, but you need the included dissipate;. (

Accountants calculate their fees for accounting not to line items.

The calculation is performed according to the table C.

At € 15,000.00 annual sales, the monthly fee is 2-12 / 10 61.00 €, ie of 12.20 € to € 73.20.

The difference is due to the state of the passed documents.

Come the documents in the notorious "shoe box", the fee is of course higher than a sorted handover, ie z. B. all records relating to the account statements by, etc.

A saying in the end: The client of the tax adviser may invest his time or money.

Of course you can outsource. The cost is different. It is indeed depends on what the accounting office to do anything for you. We have for which we make as customer all Write incl. Bills. For this job, of course, additional appointments necessary to discuss the bills. Then it depends if you have proposed a monthly, quarterly or annually. This is happening purely in the workload and thus the costs.

Practically, there are programs that share such things directly to your accountant, then in a sense takes over the accounts, unless the program does. But even cover the same belongs to ....

Based on your description, it is difficult to predict, but depending on the tax office about 200 to 400 EUR / month ... Accounting something more.

But these are conservative estimates. I'll wiso - My office. With ElsterFormular to the FA and VAT. Appointment effort ... one day a month, unless you chronologically vorsortierst your bills and typing correctly. Cost of the program per fiscal year about 150 EUR.

Hello Homer,

usually go most entrepreneurs wrong with the subject accounting etc. ran.

It is important not only to know "How much the external accounting" is but also how expensive it is, if you do the bookkeeping yourself.

Basically, each Unternerhmer should consider how high is his own hourly rate. Following should calculate to how much time the entire accounts monthly. takes up and how pretty sure you in this topic is. Should you come to the conclusion that during the period in which one does the bookkeeping, can earn more money by working one has supplied the answer himself.

Experience shows that the outsource the bookkeeping for small business owners always make sense.

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