Outwardly happy inside very sad ?!

Hello, I'm lately (since about 2 months) sadder than usual. In the past I had always really good mood, have a lot of laughs and made with friends. But since about 8 weeks is not me then. Outwardly, I continued the cheerful, open and self-confident girl, but at home (and especially at night in bed) I cry constantly. Also, I have every day strong head and / or abdominal pain. Happens is not really something bad - here's a little controversy and there times a disease in the family, but so sad, tired and depressed I was not even pulled away as my best friend or my grandpa died! You know what I could have or what can I do about it? Am grateful for every answer! LG, French Passion

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It could perhaps be winter depression.

Winter depression caused that you do not have enough vitamin D tankst the sun. This can easily be prevented by eating nuts or fruits.

Otherwise, I do not know more, but if you want, we can even talk about it privately.


That sounds like a depression, but you can not know exactly, since only one psychologist can tell accurate. Sometimes, even if nothing bad happens, you can fall into a hole, lonely, depressed and feel bad. Attempts to distract with things make you the fun you. Try out to get there, but when it comes for so long I would suggest you please go to a psychologist. I hope you it will be better soon!

Depression or did not you? You know, I work very cheerful outwardly but inside I'm pretty kapput.

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