overcome laziness (learn)

When it comes to my goals and passions I can always overcome as to go to the training but learning does not go. I did not even manage to know me for 10 minutes rouse, because I so automatically associate negative emotions and effort.

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Do I know, I need eternity until I sat down at my desk can, but you'll have yourself a clear goal keeping. I for example would like to study and concentrate on it that I can meet some day to study my dream. You have to find something that can motivate you.

hope could a little help you :)

I now have made me a daily schedule. Every night I'm making a plan of what I'm doing when and how long the next day, me enough breaks. If my phone then tinkles and showing what I have to do I do that then, and wait until my next task. If you plan in advance, it seems a like having much more time :-)

the same problem I have. I just do not learn, but try to understand everything in the school. works prop quite well, even if not come out now-expanding case

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