Overwhelmed ... Dog proposed?

Hello ... I'm exhausted and ready. Have an 8 year old son and a 4-month-old daughter. And for 3 years, we have a Chihuahua dog. He arrived as a puppy to us .... I love this dog idolatrous ... but I can do nothing more ... feel overwhelmed and manage even at home nothing more. Bin midweek no family alone and have that could help me. Nice neighbors from a friend would take the dog. The neighbors are 65 and still very spry .... with time Love and Beauty. Tomorrow they want to bring the dog. I'm just howling at ... can not sleep at night ... what if I regret it or do I then also creates nothing, because I might have a depression? The dog is definitely too short with me for my baby because u annoys me the little guy often because he me constantly lags. I constantly feel guilty and hardly arrange to meet me ... so that the dog is not merely alone and I must also him for a walk. But I love him so much ... I strangled it by the throat ... when I think of tomorrow ... but he would be the center and would have more jobs ..... what do you think ... what would you do or who was in a similar situation?


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That's all alone your decision. If you so much love him, I would not give him, even if he is currently a bit too short. That changes again, especially as the animal certainly feels comfortable with you. But I can not decide :) I'm sure you make the right decision, the yes.

@ AnwenJune

That was predictable but that everything was bad to get under one roof.

Can you dog not only times bring a day to the nice people and repeatedly, sometimes overnight? They are with him Gassigehen ,.

That would be the ideal time to adjust to the dog in the fall. Question time whether they agree with it. So the dog can not suddenly in a completely new environment.

Do you know the people and live in the neighborhood? Let them come and ask her times by the proposal.

Have you thought of a contract, if your dog is chipped, then must be also rewritten to the new owner ..

In your case you have acted for the benefit of the dog.

You'll the pack, there is always the tragic that people with young children get a dog and then comes too short.

The dog will surely go well with your neighbors. He is not from the world, you can always visit him yes. Can it also only once as a "trial period" see. Perhaps this makes everything so better?

If you still do not get along, perhaps can you then also help bring (someone helping you in the household)

I know this situation. Let me tell you ... the dog does it better then. But you can see him always times? The dog makes the separation not quite as much. He lives in the moment, not thinking about the future. You'll certainly be sad, but cheerful up with the idea that he has beautiful ...

.......... There ** ** family assistance from social services that can assist you if necessary.

Could it be that the dog is not the main issue?

Maybe you're overwhelmed with everything a little ....

Just think about it.

Good luck.

I think the dog will go very well with the old people, that is not you visit him nich oderso can.

Write a child is the best solution

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