Own horse, I would like that?

Hey, at the stable where I ride is a horse for sale, a 5 year old gelding. My parents made me an offer that I could get him. Actually, I want that, too always and I know the horse so well, but he's just very clever, sensitive and temperamental. I have enough experience. But my absolute dream horse he is. I like him very much, but I really do not know if I am able to cope with. But what is not can still become, right? With a lot of ground work u. Trust exercises you can then grow into a unity. But there is also a riding instructor / heaters / acquaintances who can put maybe once a week on it. When I contrast endscheide I could stop anywhere else ride because I do not find riding school / Reitbeteiligung. Thus speaks more for the purchase. But I would like to catch me yet other opinions.


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I'd make it (I do not know so how well you ride but that sounds very experienced). So a chance you might never get back! In addition, you seem the horse quite good enough to identify and indeed to know people who can help you to hire! You should however necessarily looking for a good riding instructor and a very good heater! Be careful and definitely please even your aunt might help! Before you decide but be final guess you again very good about it: Do I really have enough time? Do we really have enough money? Is it worth perhaps sacrificing me all my free time for that? Can I ride well enough really? Do I have enough experience with horses and good instincts in horses? Am I really responsible enough? Se true to yourself, because these issues are very important and only you can answer you! Do it only if you can really answer to nearly 100% yes these questions and you can make up for the remaining percent sure!

I wish you luck!

If you're not sure, please let dear! You should stand 100% behind the decision.

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