Owner forbids me a dog hold

Hi My landlord forbids me a dog (small) but has a different mieterrin allowed a small dog hold. As my daughter would like to have a dog and he said that's enough, a dog in the house and I would like to change his mind is my question: How can I agree to the owner, then? MFG itsmeee123

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It may of course be a bit questionable when a tenant allowed and another not. But one shall be held in his home or the owner decides whether a dog (or other pet). but this he should indicate a good reason. eg the apartment may be too small ...

There is no precedent. The landlord can deny you the dog ownership. It is not permitted unless this refusal is a flat rate in the lease. Here he has delivered a statement.

How can I agree to the owner?

Difficult. The reasoning "a dog in the house is enough" is indeed a bit spongy but it is one.

He has other tenants allows the attitude does not mean that they must also allow you.

In this respect the legal situation is not clear, a general answer is not possible so far.

The courts have tended in these circumstances neither a majority for the one nor for the other side.

There were judgments in which the second tenant has prevailed, Tagged principle of equal treatment.

There were judgments in which the landlord has got right.

There is not even a good advice for you, if the action against the 'no' from the owner would be worthwhile.

If one picks out the relevant judgments on the internet, it seems to depend on everything possible, as will be decided, including the sun's position and the Tidehöhe: - (((

You should consult with an attorney about it. However, it should be compulsory one who is an ace in tenancy law and are well known to all judgments on these cases.


Talk to him about it and explain your reasons. but rather Use the tactics of persuasion and not of coaxing.

If he does not address it, then you have the but also accept.

The landlord can not prohibit so readily a dog, without being able to justify it exactly you. About two years ago there was a fundamental decision of Bundesgerichtshofes: http://www.proeigentum.de/index.php/aktuell/immo-news/31-vermieten/127-neues-urt... Weise Your landlord on that judgment! If your landlord is knowledgeable, he is also already know that judgment.

The owner has the sole and alone to decide whether a dog may be kept in the house or not ...

And it benefits you and your dog think-wish nothing if the owner another tenant has the attitude of a dog already allowed ...

... Because the owner is definitely a good reason to come to you to prohibit dog ownership.

What do you think because of it, when ye unhurriedly an apartment searches where the dog ownership is allowed?

This saves everybody a lot of trouble and quarrels ...

The landlord has domestic authority and if he says he does not tolerate another dog in the house, you have to accept that. LG

Actually one must keep an up to knee height. Only if the landlord denies look for times in tenancy law

equal rights for all! The landlord can not not the one tenant allow a dog and another tenant. What is in your lease. Turning you possibly to the tenant association or inquire in to a lawyer for tenancy law. If you encounter on deaf ears everywhere, you'll probably be allowed to purchase a dog.

Not at all, I understand the owner only too well.

Not at all. But he has denied and which he must.


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