Oxidation equations help

How does this come about? I understand it's just not from FeS2 + O2

4 FeS2 + 11 O2 -> 2 Fe2O3 + 8 SO2

Can one simply tell me?

The best answer

It goes with you to finding the coefficients in a chemical equation.

If you have a smartphone, you'll like this free APP Download:

Android: -> Play Goals -> Apps -> "Chemistry" -> AK minilab

Apple iPad: -> AppStore "minilab" -> AK minilab

Apple iPhone: -> AppStore -> "minilab" -> AK minilab Phone

If you go there to "equations", you can find there numerous exercises. The reactions, which are given there, playing for you does not matter, because you want so finding coefficient practice.

By the way: There are given the right solutions.

Atoms so long rumschupfen until it fits. If it is wrong, then you know it right away because then the left and right anything not accounted for properly.

This can not at all agree there are more O on the left than on the right


explains lower range prop quite well

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