pack dog in the trailer and then drive train for free?

Wanted to ask whether it makes a difference whether I take a dog free running or in a trailer in the train? There was in my town a while a homeless man who had his dog always taken and I once believed that he buys rather less even for his dog a monthly pass ... Was maybe a wrong thought, anyway, I ask myself if that counts ... dog in the box or out of the box ... With bicycles is that, as far as I know, at least. When the decency wraps, they are indeed to be considered as packages. I am pleased with your answers.

The best answer

Dogs in bags or boxes go in the path mostly free with, inasmuch as you can wear them even in the bag / box.

As soon as he is transported outside the bag / box, it costs a discounted price. Thus, it is at least at the web. There are also municipal enterprises, which regulate the partly different.

In Switzerland, the following provisions shall apply on all public transport operators for the transport of dogs:

Small dogs to 30 cm shoulder height (instep height) in transport boxes, baskets or other containers geeigeneten allowed as hand luggage are free of charge carried into the cars. In all other cases (larger dog, not in boxes) of half fare in 2nd class is paid.

I suppose that analogous provisions apply in Germany.

This goes not.If He in a small travel bag fits as that.

Huh? With us, the dog runs free with or how do you mean? The bicycle also ...

They have tested irgendwanb times in television. set Bernese Mountain in a sports bag, ee was free. Was he sitting hats so run cost ..

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