Packaged meat, 4 days past (unopened), edible?

Hello, I bought ground beef at Kaufland some time ago and just seen that. Until 12:03 should be used (minimum durability). The pack was permanently cooled and is unopened. Can I still eat meat today (I would fry in the pan)? greetings

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Open it, look at whether or not it shimmers greenish, smell, if it does not smell and feel if it is not streaky / slippery rotten eggs. If the three samples are okay, you can fry it. You have to be well cooked so that ev germs are killed: So do better a meat sauce that you can cook long enough. LG

No, not eat. In minced rise through the reduction of the meat, the bacteria extremely to. This has nothing to do with salmonella.

Not so with a growing piece of meat. This is only charged from the outside, which would be cut to length.

We have no outside summer temperatures (of because of possible salmonella). Moreover, if even the cold chain is not interrupted, and the package has not been opened, you should leave the content by frying good!

Mach and smelling it - if it still smells good and does not feel greasy, you can fry it. But if it should be offensive when roasting it dispose prefer.

If you durchgarst it well, then it will not hurt.

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