• Book searches: lone person on the island with dog 2017-08-30

    Hello, I would like to find a book again, which I read about 7 years ago. Here is a person who lives on an island alone (setting no longer whether this person is stranded there, I also think it was a child). Eventually, the person encounters a dog wi

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  • At the dog lover and dog connoisseur! Ear / eye contact / communication 2017-08-30

    Email: My Dog, Weimaraner and 8 1/2 years old, had in the previous year, a dramatic experience: In a strong storm, it came to our home to lightning. The blast was deafening and my dog ​​has worn some hearing it. The eardrums were simply torn. Only af

    Tags: Animals Eyes Veterinarian communication Dog training deaf
  • dog crying 2017-08-30

    Hello, I am beginning to despair. So I have a 3 year old australian shephard rude. The fear has especially. Although he comes snuggle and be petted, but once you move only 2 hair the wrong way he screams like a stuck pig. Even if he is sitting somewh

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  • Girlfriend accepted my dog ​​nich: P 2017-08-30

    Hey guys -.- and although I have a problem .. I have a dog (rotweiler) are 6 years! .. Just my girlfriend did not come with the clear! She says she would run rumm anxiety before & while this "strange thing" in my apartment Step into not my a

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  • Neighbors agree with dog ownership, owner not 2017-08-30

    Hello, I live for rent in a house with two other parties, to which I have a great relationship. The Dogs are prohibited us generally, but I thought, ask that nix costs and have our owner wondered if I should grow a dog me in the size of Chihuahuas or

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  • Second Rottweiler dog? 2017-08-30

    Hello I wanted to ask a pet specialists provide. So we have a Rottweiler dog is now 1 year old. And I ask Wolli whether you would advise us to buy into such a year even a Rottweiler bitch. Dogs experience we have. Our Rotti is super clear with anothe

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  • Werbeclip --- dog yelps before Tablet PC 2017-08-30

    Hello. What advertising is where a dog starts to whine front of the TV, and then the family then migrated outside to watch. The dog must watch splashing or howl before the tablet on. Thank you !!!!!!!!! --answer-- This is an advertisement from Magine

    Tags: advertising Dog
  • My dog ​​bad dreams 2017-08-29

    At least, it is more common times that he whimpers in his sleep. Dreaming he "only" bad or he has therefore inevitably sooner erwas experienced bad? --answer-- Oh my is always cool. Sometimes I'll wake up at night when he starts next to my bed t

    Tags: Dog Dreams whine
  • I do not know which dog is right for me. Would be nice if someone can help me expert 2017-08-29

    Hi, long time I think about buying my dog, but this has not until next year, so I wanted to let me know exactly what breed it should be, but unfortunately I'm pretty undecided. My choice fell on the Labrador and Collie, but I can not entscheiden..da

    Tags: Labrador Dog breed Collie large dogs
  • I have to convince my parents that I finally get a dog: D 2017-08-29

    Hello, want .I as already mentioned a dog have <3 best times I'll tell you briefly what about me, I'm almost 17 years old and only child ^^ It's a pity that I have no siblings and as a dog would be in the art a sibling spare .I have lost a few weeks

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  • Is my dog ​​a Amstaff? 2017-08-29

    Hi who is familiar with Amstaffs? I'm not sure if my dog ​​is a Amstaff bitch? Lg --answer-- I came here on your videos. Pretty guy - the huge ears - there was a bat in the game ;-) Do not be surprised if the videos are suddenly disappeared without e

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  • What race is attached when you buy a dog? 2017-08-29

    Hi, Our family decided in the near future is to buy a dog, we do not know what breed. Everyone has listed its characteristics and everyone is looking for something in the direction of: purebred, quiet, watchful, medium-sized, hyperactive in no way !,

    Tags: Dog Dog breed
  • Dog Sitter / Dog Care 2017-08-29

    How much can I höhstens / demand for at least 1 hour (the dog manners)? I also have experience with small and large dogs (once had a Havanese and a Labrador) before I have despite experience? (I have 2 years before ever looked at a border collie for

    Tags: Animals job Dog dog + Job
  • How often and to what my dog ​​must be vaccinated? 2017-08-29

    Hello my dears, How often does a dog and be vaccinated against what? So my dog ​​4 years & 8 months old Golden Retriever living in Berlin so big city How much does a one shot? With as many euros I have about arithmetic when he needs to be vaccinated

    Tags: Animals Dog Veterinarian dog + vet vaccination
  • We want a dog! Question... 2017-08-28

    Hey guys. 4jahren ago my dog ​​died and you are the movies I'm alone. I am 14 years old and my mother is a single parent. 3 years ago we moved. I have the school changed (from primary school to high school) yes. I also got budgies two years ago. So f

    Tags: Animals Dog mother dog + mother
  • The dog is too small ... 2017-08-28

    Hi, I was always right big dogs (Rottimix, Schäfermix, Dt. Bracke and my current Labbimix), now the new addition to the family is somehow "tiny" left (you so just 35 cm). It is really fantastic, cleverly, fast and very attentive to employees, bu

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  • A dog barking and the hum wean 2017-08-28

    How can I a dog that growl and bark wean? What means can be useful to treats or other things? Is a small pinscher hybrid. Maybe take the arm or something? --answer-- Hello, it would have to know when the dog shows this behavior when it rings when som

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  • !HELP! My cat does not come clear with our new dog 2017-08-28

    Hi, I have a 1 year old cat and she is a real cuddly cat. I bought a mongrel dogs (10 months) and it is also really nice my 2 (5 years) cat comes great with her. But our little Wendy is not with her clear she snarls and growls and is really tense whe

    Tags: Animals Cats hate Dog cat dog + cat
  • Relax Dog in vocal / music? 2017-08-28

    Huhu! If my dog ​​is to run around and I start to sing (a hobby but quite good) acting directly back and relaxed. When he barks and gets upset, he comes with song also quickly back down. Is this just coincidence or relaxed dog singing? --answer-- Hel

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  • What dog breed take? 2017-08-28

    Hii, I would like to have a dog. Weiss, however, not what race. I want to play with him, scratch him, cuddle him and he will always be loved :). Of course, he is also welcome any kind. Hopefully you understand that question and can help me. Should be

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