• not out dog with Jagdtrieb..hört 2018-10-20

    My girlfriend holding a jack-russel -mix dog ... recently ... basically loving, friendly etc. but outside only the nose on the Boden..nichts's more, tries to winden..zieht from the dishes as crazy freaks entirely out when a hare crosses the path .. a

    Tags: Dog Dog training hunting instinct Hundeerziehung + Jagdtrieb
  • imprisoned dog in the car and barks for more than 50 minutes 2018-10-19

    Also the windshield is completely masked behind. Am I overreacting I have the police called or done the right thing? --answer-- 'M now not with the kpl. Facts familiar .... but whether correct or not is really questionable. It has at the moment no te

    Tags: Car Dog
  • A dog barking non-stop, call Poli time? 2018-10-19

    Hello :) Here since about 40 minutes a barking dog outside in this cold. Can it be that the owner what happened to it and barking about? It does not seem to be dumb, and in between are also only very short breaks. --answer-- If you really make you wo

    Tags: police Dog
  • nVidia GTX 780 from a vendor with a GTX 780 from another manufacturer in SLI mode? 2018-10-19

    I just wanted to ask times whether a GTX 780 from manufacturer A (I call the manufacturer only times A and B) with a GTX 780 from manufacturer B SLI compatible. I guess so, but before I even a GTX 780 buy me a Andren manufacturers, I ask here again f

    Tags: art graphics card graphics card and Engineering
  • If our dog jealous of the other? 2018-10-19

    Hi, I have been a few days some problems with one of our dogs. We have two dogs. For two days, it is now so that whenever I closer he growls at me the dog myself and when I want to pet him, he even begins wild barking and snapping at me. Also just ba

    Tags: jealousy Dog
  • € 5 hourly wage for walking the dog with 2 dogs? 2018-10-19

    Is it justified? The dog owners has proposed to give me 5 € and I will now think about. After I but informed me on the Internet about other dog walkers, I am a little uncertain, as some walking with only a dog get out much longer. Well I know me with

    Tags: Wage gassi
  • Holidays with dog? but where? 2018-10-19

    Hello I wanted to ask if you know something can where I was to spend a great holiday with the dog. It is important that it is near the sea. It would be nice Italy or Croatia. I hope you can help me and share some experiences and beautiful places. LG:

    Tags: Holiday sea Italy Croatia Animals Dog house Hotel apartment dog + holiday
  • where can I find the perfect dog for me? 2018-10-19

    Hi, my family and I want to get us in july a puppy. It should be a short-haired, medium size, sweet, child-friendly and family dog. We then want to look at animal shelter Berlin but I've heard it since not many puppies And my question is where you ca

    Tags: Dog
  • Dog simply must eat all ... 2018-10-19

    Hey, So how many dogs does my dog ​​really like things along the way up I have now relatively well under control, so it is not the problem-the thing is just- If she finds something, what would other dogs chew, she eats it easy. : / Zb. Cardboard, woo

    Tags: Dog
  • My dog ​​scratches his stendig 2018-10-18

    Hello My dear :) So therefore there will be no misunderstandings, yes our dog was already investigated animal Medically! So now the question. My dog ​​Snoopy scratching constantly, he has an allergy to flea urine, but no matter what we do these critt

    Tags: Itching dog fleas fleas itching +
  • What race is jason my dog 2018-10-18

    Hello I'm looking for someone who can tell me what breed is my dog ​​or which breeds in him he stuck is now 7 months and weighs 35 kg --answer-- Could be a Staffordshire mix. Boxer, Stafford, Rich Mix Back ME was once involved a boxer .... Boxer Staf

    Tags: Dog breed
  • Report for Royal GT wheels (20 inches) for BMW X3 2018-10-18

    Hello everyone ... need your help urgently. My TÜV appointment is imminent and I find my approval for the wheels no longer. Can anyone tell me if I can download on the net the opinion of the rim somewhere me? Have been unfortunately found nothing and

    Tags: advice wheels bmw x3 TÜV certificate
  • Dog is not chocolate, why? 2018-10-18

    Hello, I wanted to ask why chocolate actually so toxic for dogs and they can die from it even ??? Lg aryalastana --answer-- The chocolate is not poisonous, only the proportion of genuine cocoa contained in it. A dog has already eaten so it is poor, w

    Tags: Dog chocolate toxic toxic + chocolate
  • Illegal dog breed 2018-10-18

    I was this morning a strange man approached, he wanted that my dog ​​(english cocker spaniel) his bitch (also english cocker spaniel) covers. My question: is it illegal of private cover to private? --answer-- The law is clear for you: it is allowed.

    Tags: Dog breed criminality guidelines
  • mother for dog (puppy) persuade? 2018-10-18

    Hay :) So I got a little nit problemchen my mum and zwa I would have liked a puppy and we sometimes even what looked upon the animal shelter but whenever one like it pulls them back ... We had 2 years ago already had a border puppy but that was only

    Tags: parents puppies
  • is the eyeshadow toxic for my dog? 2018-10-18

    But my dog ​​got my eyeshadow gefressen..mascara powder, etc. Then there is the whole plastic zeug..ist it poisonous to them? --answer-- Look how your dog behaves. If he vomits or is he not good go with him immediately to Tierazt best ever the same!

    Tags: Animals Dog
  • My dog ​​jumps up other 2018-10-18

    Hello :) I have a question, my bitch jumps continuously on other people up, and the nerves and you can hardly hold! How to unlearn it? --answer-- When she welcomes you and also high jumps, they block off (so just ignore their welcome) and loudly say

    Tags: Problems dog
  • Dog - despite the education / training / study 2018-10-18

    Hello, we are now considering for quite some time to provide us a dog. I would of 8 - 16 am during the week is not at home, my mother could but watch the time on the dog. We live in a flat rural area and I could frequently go walk the dog and him in

    Tags: Education School Dog Study Training + Dog
  • Want my dog ​​learn when it rings at the door, that he barks 2018-10-18

    Hello, how can I get my adult dog that it when it rings at the door, is barking ?? Need your advice. thank you --answer-- You can try to put him every time when ringing in excitement. At a certain Levelö he will bark safely. I would never do that - a

    Tags: Dog thief Door bell
  • read ammeter? 2018-10-17

    Hi, how do I read an analog ammeter? There's a wheel with different scales (mA, V) when I turn the wheel for example, on 10 and above in the display 5.8, there are even 5.8 if I had it turned on 100, it would indeed be 580 (or?), but how do I explain

    Tags: Physics current



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