• 6-pin connection to disk? 2019-06-24

    I wanted to build me a new graphics card. but still need a 6-pin connector for the current. Is it correct that this power plug is for the power supply of the hard disk? --answer-- You mean a 2x 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCIe adapter. Yes, that comes to th

    Tags: graphics card power
  • Can I let my dog ​​sleep ONLY with baskets on the balcony? 2019-06-24

    My cat is sleeping overnight on the balcony and it comes with the temperature of Good. Therefore, I thought my dog ​​Teddy could on the balcony because it is sometimes very warm in the apartment. He sleeps in the hallway! He is a King charles- cocker

    Tags: Dog dog + care animal lovers
  • HTC One Max & HTC One 2019-06-24

    Hello, I have a quick question ... Is the HTC One Max, the same as the HTC One? Or are the two completely various devices :) And knows someone randomly if the one of the older or newer phones is because I looked around just at the Media Markt page to

    Tags: htc one HTC ONE MAX
  • Minecraft Louncher Programming 2019-06-24

    Hi how I can own a Minecraft Louncher programming for Modpack --answer-- What programming languages ​​you can, with any operating system to work, to the Launcher run on multiple operating systems, what should the Launcher can you put on your already

    Tags: Minecraft program
  • Arma 3 Starts do not need urgent help 2019-06-24

    If I want to start Arma always comes this message: Game Program file not found.Please Repair repaired the game via the Steam client .... So then I'm on properties blah habs and then stood 1 Incorrect message then downloads the the file ... wenns is f

    Tags: Arma 3 need help
  • Help with choice of lens! 2019-06-24

    Tach people I need your help. I am owner of a Sony Alpha 58 Slt k and now looking for a fast lens. I would like to make videos with less lighting, clear it is always better with light, but if anything does not work differently, I would like to shoot

    Tags: Help Sony lens Lens + Sony
  • WhatsApp Owls - Smileys 2019-06-24

    Hello, Why is there in WhatsApp no ​​owls - Smileys? Mfg. --answer-- Since you can also ask why there is not the Middle Finger as Smiley ... Whatsapp has so many smileys and an owl came Whatsapp not perhaps. There are certainly still but new smileys

    Tags: WhatsApp Smiley owl
  • Fill out the form for a Wohnungsintersse 2019-06-24

    Hey, I'm just looking for your own apartment and have also found something. Now GAGFAH has me a form sent in PDF format. Now, I wonder how do I fill it out?

    Tags: form bureaucracy fill gagfah
  • Is the name for a YT channel suitable? 2019-06-23

    Hi, I now have half an eternity thoughts about a YouTube name made. Now what undwill occurred to me to know whether the name of good, bad, whatever. The YT channel is based on a game. Please do not bring answers like "Ermuss you like". This is t

    Tags: Name Youtube
  • mental illness at cat? urgent help needed! 2019-06-23

    2 days ago we have the part wall ripped out in the living room and during which our cat Peterle has hidden in the nursery under the bed, which indeed is completely understandable. The problem was that he did not want to come out and not eating. The f

    Tags: hiding Psyche unknown illness cat domestic cat loss of appetite Absence Cat + Psyche twitching
  • is because thc srsly indoors? 2019-06-23

    http://www.zamnesia.de/e-zigarette/3122-pimp-einweg.html can that be real or it is just a hoax --answer-- Zamnesia is fairly safe side ... everything is there is mostly true;) Have there have often shopped ... But I would remain in the good old joint

    Tags: life drugs
  • Wing Chun against bodybuilders 2019-06-23

    Hello. It may be that I have the question ever asked but I did would know Please detail who is against whom superior in a fight. The professional Wing Chun fighter or bodybuilder has enormous power. Is it not true that the bodybuilders has tremendous

    Tags: Wing Chun body builder
  • Find good animes like rosario vampire or high school dxd 2019-06-23

    If what you have to do with vampires Romance So how high school dxd Many thanks in advance --answer-- Vampire Knight. Meets all your requirements. Have fun watching! :) LG

    Tags: romance Vampire
  • Quick build muscle like? (Final drive / Defen Pending) 2019-06-23

    Hello Since I go in 3 months on graduation trip and not just'm very muscular, I would like a bit more muscle I build'm eigendlich every day a few situps and pushups but somehow brings nothing. But I would not go to ground but Defines trainieren.Was c

    Tags: toning breast financial statements
  • 'Habt Her coupla songs?! .... 2019-06-23

    Hey Jo people I on Wednesday ne garden party, looking Geile Mukke our age is so 13-16 and if possible kei so Bushido zeugs would be very happy if you had n few great songs: D LG TheLord --answer-- Let me down easy by sheppard I rather like ... If you

    Tags: Music
  • Strange coincidences ??? 2019-06-23

    Quite often I dream things that happen after an indefinite time. Is this normal and what does this mean? --answer-- Hello, if this is normal? Naja.Normalerweise say yes, that dreams it is considered nothing more than processing of passed experiences

    Tags: Dreams interpretation
  • Am I too small for my age? (With poll) 2019-06-23

    Hello :) I have a question: I am 10 (going in July 11) and am just 1.52 m. Am I too small? :(): --answer-- Hello Anna - fits. I wish you a relaxing, happy and good Easter. Pleasant Holidays. One can not say that, you start you only just developing ..

    Tags: size large small large small
  • Money laundering as? 2019-06-23

    Hi guys. In many film and Gangster Mafia is often talked of money laundering. What form does this. Can hardly imagine being washed the money in the washing machine: D Ne Seriously how does something from? --answer-- Apparently the term was created by

    Tags: Money rich
  • tailgaters Show on the highway 2019-06-22

    Good evening, dear community, It is about the following situation, a BMW driver has all the time only jostled and risky lane changes made to I as a passenger on the seat Ranging have back everything to films, he has made many unnecessary lane changes

    Tags: law highway
  • Suizidgedankennnnnn ........ what to do?! ... ¤¤ ~. ~ ~ `¤¤` 2019-06-22

    Hello ... I have suicidal thoughts and violent many will not do this to my family and my friends. I want here no attention or so but I want to take me lifelike it must however provide the penetrated to resist. Would be really nice if you could give m

    Tags: suicide suicidal thoughts



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