• My dog ​​breaks white mucus 2017-03-13

    Silk several days puking my dog ​​as a white compelling :( it is frothy and slimy ... although he auskotzt it he eats it again: / Can you help me do this, the stomach growls also very funny! --answer-- From the vet why you wait so long? Even after ta

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  • Dog for a walk Sports 2017-03-13

    Hello dear I'll start so I have a large and (Bernese long) and weighs 80kilo is older dn also has joint problems and I'm a little plumper and very unsporting because my knees I go every day 2 hours with the dog out in the Walt walks my father goes ev

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  • Dog pawing? 2017-03-12

    Hello, I have a 8 months old australia Sheppert males. Today we were a walk tomorrow and he has listed impossible ... is part of zero - jumped up on me - and snapped. Since he has so spun and has been looking like a pig after the walk, I have showere

    Tags: Problems dog
  • Dog has too much fear 2017-03-12

    Hello community, I have 4 years a dog (yorkshire terrier) and although I know my dog ​​is a lapdog is but I would him / more like to do a little more aggressive so he would defend against other dogs and no longer afraid of them because he pushes extr

    Tags: Dog strongly
  • I'm worried about my dog ​​:(! 2017-03-12

    Hello first :) So I have since 2 years almost 3 a little chihuahua, which I adore - ... Only she yelps again as at the beginning of every morning (for the last two days) and I'm afraid that what is bad: / I do not want to lose even a dog :( If I alwa

    Tags: Help Love fear Dog chihuahua help + dog
  • what is my dog ​​died? 2017-03-12

    I've got a question. My dog ​​died in late May, and no one knows why. That concerns me almost every day. My parents did not want us to make a follow-up. I describe times their symptoms are noticed. It all happened very quickly. On Friday my mother's

  • Dog scared the storm? 2017-03-12

    For us it was quite stormed that night. The window was on tilt and my dog ​​was in bed with me and has constantly turned over and over again got up, went down and has also come to me up short ... Now the next morning, she is totally fearful, hiding b

    Tags: fear Dog Storm storm Angst +
  • dog run pay 2017-03-12

    Hello, I run a small yorkshire terrier almost every day (Monday to Friday) from 5:00 an hour long from. for that I get 50 euros a month. is that really enough? --answer-- We have a maid who comes in the morning for an hour starting in January (from t

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  • Which breed is the dog from the Grinch 2017-03-12

    Question is :) above I would be interested --answer-- Most likely the Stichelhaariger Bosnian hound-Barak.

    Tags: Dog Breed Grinch
  • help setting unable to continue with my dog ​​:( 2017-03-11

    hi i have a porblem who I go with my dog ​​out he does not but once I'm in the house with him laüft them in the sleeping room of my parents and do there on the bed, making as their business and Arben they do in room living room bathroom and so on, I

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Dog take from poorer countries 2017-03-11

    .Hey :) We have recently decided to zuzulegen us another dog. Before we had even street dogs 2 from Tunisia with brought to Germany but that has always been a ziemich great expense on the spot due to pass, ... This time, I would like to record from a

    Tags: Animals Dog street Dog record adoption record
  • Must can give a presentation about dog me a dog owner or say so ... 2017-03-11

    The expiry of a dog in everyday life so when going for a walk and give them food and so .. can you give me some information ...? --answer-- Hi, So I Myself have two dogs and I hope I can help you. I usually go with my dog ​​in the morning for an hour

    Tags: Animals Dog Unit dog + Unit
  • Dog on strikes 2017-03-11

    The dog should guard the house and yard. If you say, "he suggests," what does that mean concretely dannn if burglars were at the house? Barking or? Should we then let him out to chase away the intruder? --answer-- If a dog strikes then he barks.

    Tags: Leisure Animals Pets Dog dog + Animals bark
  • Dog or horse stories?!? 2017-03-11

    hey :) I wanted to ask if you like more dog stories or Pferdegeschichten times ------> because I do not like immedr really decide: 3'm glad about your opinions - Thank you;) --answer-- Dog stories :) Here probably few will be under 13, who would read

    Tags: Dog History
  • What is this dog movie knows someone? 2017-03-11

    What is the name of this movie where two girls find a small dog, but the girls live in the home and hide him and then when they are adopted they take him and the dog will then just getting bigger and bigger and eventually see the "parents" of th

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  • My dog ​​has epilepsy and can not be adjusted 2017-03-11

    Hello my dog ​​had his first seizure in April 2014 when he was 1 year old. since we are in treatment 3 vets and now in the veterinary clinic all bring him not to he row gets every day 2 times tablets 2 different he gets in 20 day rythms his seizures

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog Disease dog + disease
  • The skin of my dog ​​turns red ?! 2017-03-11

    Since yesterday, the skin of my dog ​​red. Is this dangerous and what can I do about it? MfG italup --answer-- Normal is not in any case, even an allergic reaction may be. You should it still a veterinarian imagine Then you should go with the dog to

    Tags: Animals Skin Dog red skin + dog
  • Buy Baroque dress? 2017-03-10

    Hello I want a baroque dress with taffeta skirt for Christmas with HEAVY BEAUTIFUL material and not with paper-thin plastic tool Does anyone have experience with it? I had ordered me last year a medieval dress without taffeta skirt that has me very d

    Tags: Beauty Fashion Sissi fashion + beauty
  • how do I make a movie from the old phone to a new phone? 2017-03-10

    hey I want to get me a new phone but on my old phone is a film plan how I do the to your new phone Thank you in advance lg jassi05wow --answer-- Either send via Bluetooth or on computer and from computer to new phone Bluetooth, dropbox, etc

    Tags: Mobile Film
  • Annual accounting of operating costs 2017-03-10

    Hello we got our Nebenkostenabrechnung here we are still getting money from the job center, a community of need, operating costs will probably adopted only partially, whom yes what is the free boundary can you tell that? Next we find the Nebenkostena

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