• Anno 1404 armory is not not or Produced. 2018-12-30

    Hello people I'm new here. I have a problem with Anno 1404. I just do not get no further for 2 days already. When armourers I standing right where the iron mine is. And iron melt I have there. And a small market bursts for goods. Have all connected w

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  • Points to the poor - disease? 2018-12-30

    Hi, I have since I was ~ 10 years always weider small dots (red-purple) on my arms. Initially, it was only in the biceps area, so the upper arm, now (14 years), these are already all over my arm. It schwerzt not and it just looks like I have a small

    Tags: Health Doctor Skin Disease Doctor + illness pimples points
  • As cinema 4d intro 60fps 2018-12-30

    Hey people by frequent experiment I ask at the best times and although I do intros to youtube and in cinema 4d one can choose to render it in how many fps knows someone a good tutorial where we'll explain everything because when I render in 60 fps an

    Tags: Intro motion Cinema4D
  • Laptop makes stress 2018-12-30

    I have on my laptop at least once :( weekly a blue screen there are almost always other. Now is the fan on disengagement, I did not open what really draws power, but my fan rotates at full, can someone tell me what I can do ? The fan has calmed down

    Tags: virus Fan Acer Blue Screen Acer + fan
  • Micronutrient deficiency-what's this? 2018-12-30

    Can anyone explain what you is a Mikronahrstoffmangel me? If possible relatively short Thank you in advance :) --answer-- A lack / shortage of ... http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikron%C3%A4hrstoff \ _% 28Medizin% 29

    Tags: statement
  • retwitten ?! 2018-12-29

    hi people my frgae; what does retwitten or so on twitter could for me, even some stuff ??? erklärne ßß --answer-- If you retweetest a tweet then this Tweet appears in your tweets. Your followers will see all your retweet. I will explain the times as

    Tags: Internet Twitter
  • A question about 4k and the ps4! 2018-12-29

    Have before me soon a 4k TV Samsung to buy 50zoll. He is able upzuscallen Full HD to 4K! The reaction time is 6.5ms! I want to if I have him then connect my ps4 and the resolution of ps4 upscallen to 4k! And now the question. I want then gamble on th

    Tags: Computers PS4 consoles xbox televisions TV + PC
  • Sony Bravia KDL finds no transmitter 2018-12-29

    Hello community! I received from a friend a used Sony Bravia KDL 2,655,500th Previously I had a tube connected to my DVBT Receiver with antenna, and everything worked just fine. Unfortunately, the Bravia is no analogue channels, no matter if I connec

    Tags: Sony television DVB-T analog Sony Bravia Transmitters Sony transmitter +
  • A song of Ice and Fire | How many volumes currently 2018-12-29

    How many volumes currently has A song of Ice and Fire? in English and how many in German language --answer-- Currently there are 5 English books out, these are each divided in Germany, ie 10 in German. 1 Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Sw

    Tags: Games book game of thrones thrones book + of
  • Daily exercising with dumbbells? 2018-12-29

    Hi, I started with dumbbells to train my biceps. Incidentally, I also do sit-ups, push-ups, etc. With the dumbbells I do about 2x15 left and 2x right reps with 30s-1min break in between. Is it good? How long do you train until you look reasonably mus

    Tags: fitness weights bicep biceps + dumbbells
  • Galaxy S5 Mini overheated & Battery empty after 2 hours! 2018-12-29

    Hello, above is my problem. Have been looking for all this time on the Internet, uninstall unnecessary apps and applications. Since 4 days I have the problem already, although I have my cell phone only for almost 2 months. Habs always loaded when I s

    Tags: Samsung battery trouble Galaxy s5 mini overheating phone trouble battery runs out quickly
  • Good, fancy office notebook 2018-12-29

    13 "for Internet and Office. It should also look chic. Does anyone know a good one? Thanks in advance ... --answer-- The Dell XPS 13 is supposed to be good, see this article here: http: //www.golem.de/news/die-woche-im-video-ein-apple-event-und-dells

    Tags: Notebook
  • Pci 2.0 Help! 2018-12-29

    Hello I wanted to buy a GTX 750ti and she has a Pci 3.0 connection but my motherboard has only 2.0 Pci would go anyway? my motherboard: http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/specs-2ada-foxconn/ --answer-- Hi, how MrCrow has already said, the interface is b

    Tags: Nvidia motherboard PCI motherboard + Nvidia
  • What a power amplifier at 1300 watt subwoofer 2018-12-29

    Hello, I have a Pioneer GXT-3604B - amplifier + subwoofer installed in my car. Unfortunately, my amp is broke. Now wanted a new Buy me. Wanted more bass rausbekommen from the subwoofer. In the final stage of Pioneer is 400 watts. I thought that I at

    Tags: Car System electricity Subwoofer Power Amplifier + battery conditioning and electricity
  • Am I too old? : D 2018-12-29

    I want to buy myself a new Nintendo 3DS I had with a 10 ds i wanted and now again on rinem handheld (you write that?) Play. My sister thinks now that I'm too old for this, I am now somewhat skeptical but since I'm 14 I get eh no games from 16 or 18 (

    Tags: Nintendo new3ds
  • What is healthier - rapeseed oil or sunflower oil? 2018-12-29

    can anyone tell me? --answer-- What is the difference between a stork ?! Virgin rapeseed oil is better than any sunflower oil - but only if it is not heated. Sunflower oil, however, is then be heated, if it is a cultivar with high oleic acid content

    Tags: healthy
  • pharmacy study with 3.3 and 5 ws? 2018-12-28

    Hello, I have in Abi only a 3.3 and would after my training (pta) now like to study pharmacy. By training I am waiting 5 semester. Does it work well or should I look for more waiting time for a job? Lg --answer-- Hello, the Pharmacy degree is already

    Tags: Pharmacy waiting semesters
  • What services are provided in the beverage market? 2018-12-28

    I'm grad to do my internship wallet ... I need an answer as soon as möglich..danke :-) --answer-- Bierverschüttung, Weinzerkostung and empties issue.

    Tags: School Internship
  • External hard drive starts, but is not recognized (Bios) 2018-12-28

    Hello, I use my external hard drive Toshiba STOR.E Basics 1TB USB 3.0 HDTB110EK3BA for a long time without problems. Now the hard drive is not recognized anymore. Also not in the Disk Management for Windows. The hard drive is running at under normal

    Tags: Electronics USB hard disk HDD + USB
  • Mauser budgies ... 2018-12-28

    Hi, I have two budgies and they molt already ... But the problem is that so ask when the skin of some can be seen for example, make so little above the beak plate (also called a cere) And I weeis not this is normal that you skin looks as? I have are

    Tags: Budgerigar Mauser



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