• why should the neutral science not call into question moral? 2019-05-01

    Morality is fundamentally different from country to country, which only shows that only one moral dazugehörigkeitsmerkmal's society to a. But why should the science not as sexual morality which is characterized mainly ecclesiastical questions in ques

    Tags: Philosophy think
  • Roller pulls no longer on the mountain 2019-05-01

    Hello, my Rolller Piaggio Typhoon 50 draws no more right when I drive up a hill since last week. When driving suddenly he pulls on the mountain only with 10-25kmh instead of 45 / 50kmh. Why is that? The air filter I already cleaned but that brought l

    Tags: Problems Motor Roller Piaggio motor + scooter Tph50
  • what legal framework? 2019-05-01

    --answer-- The conditions (not only the legal, and financial or economic conditions) determine the area in which free decisions can be made. The laws often say what is not allowed. we know the other things under the heading allowed or legal. The law

    Tags: School business law economics Study marketing law and Studies
  • What is studying to my job requirements? 2019-05-01

    I have two different areas that I would like to study (abi Avg .: 2.5) 1. I would later an office job where I have to organize a lot and apply logical reasoning. I would like also international calls in English lead (was 8Monate abroad w & t). especi

    Tags: Studienwahl
  • Respect because the pack leader? 2019-05-01

    Hello, a person has a puppy for a few weeks and the dog never plays with him, at least not like me or other colleagues. He is extremely jealous strikes the dog with him, never deal so he can then come up with an excuse, saying that he just respect me

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Was there ever a proof of chemtrails? 2019-05-01

    Question is already above .. Allegedly be for flights from FLügzeugen beside the contrails also sprayed chemicals, and unleashed on the population. So-called Chemtrails .. Has the art in some fashion times proved or is it conspiracy theory? --answer-

    Tags: Chemistry aircraft conspiracy danger aircraft + danger chemtrail
  • GPS piercing 2019-05-01

    So I get a tongue piercing paid. Now, many young women were abducted in unsersd region and my husband jokingly asked if there was Piercings with GPS transmitter so he could see me in an emergency. I myself but not even find this so ne bad idea. Hab a

    Tags: Piercing GPS
  • Arrange for collection Fertiggaragen 2019-04-30

    Hello, 2 years ago I had a company would have picked up the prefabricated garages for a small fee. Unfortunately I can not find the page. I had 3 prefabricated garages (concrete) and would like to sell this as the place 2 large double garages must gi

    Tags: garage collection disposal pick + disposal prefabricated garages concrete garage
  • Teachers will not understand that I am mentally ill and it is not easy for me. 2019-04-30

    Hi Guys. I am 15 and mentally unstable or ill. I have depression, they are diagnosed and I am in outpatient therapy and for 2 years. The symptoms that are to have with me obsessive brooding, listlessness, apathy, social anxiety, inferiority complex,

    Tags: School depression Psyche depression + Psyche
  • Ebay Classifieds does not pay 2019-04-30

    Hi have a question and currently do not genuine. I was very very stupid have the first time in Ebay Classifieds sell something want specifically a Samsung Curved TV with Samsung 3D home theater system for € 2,650 goods was new and only brought short

    Tags: Ebay seller
  • Dog howls crying 2019-04-30

    Hello, I have a short hair chiwawa (6-7monate old) and our trouble's just when my parents left the house he catch on to whine and cry and after a few minutes he is back to normal but after 10-15 minutes. he catch again, whether my brother or I are ho

    Tags: Animals Dog cry whine cry + dog
  • socialize from dog & cat? 2019-04-30

    I get to a puppy shi (9 months) soon f. 3 where to care. frauchen was yesterday because sniff with him for mutual, because my cat (6 years) yes would get along with him. first meet was so-so ... dog has never had a cat seen u. my cat never had a dog.

    Tags: Animals Cats Dog cat socialize dog + cat
  • Discovery of the Lascaux Cave Dog rediscovered? 2019-04-30

    Hello :) The Lascaux cave was indeed discovered as teenagers were looking for their runaway dog. Have the dog actually found at the end? If so, when and how? Thank schin time in advance :) Alma --answer-- No, that was verspeißt of a saber-toothed tig

    Tags: pictures Painters stone cave
  • control dog 2019-04-30

    Is it true that when a dog's temperament test is only required to pay normal tax --answer-- not quite. For an essential test you just when there is the possibility that an attack dog breed with is. he then this is not to be more control paid as fight

    Tags: Dog taxes
  • Dog wanted. With these features, 2019-04-30

    Hey Hey, Will soon be 18 and look around just for a dog. I do not know what breed to take. I'd prefer to take a Bernese Mountain Dog. But the dog should also have these characteristics: Cuddly little run, black-brown or black-and-white fur have. He s

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog breeds
  • Roofing in dog fur 2019-04-29

    Hello! Mir is because recently another mess: the filling of a roof sealant my joyful Labrador ran with its tail in the bucket along. Here something has remained stuck to the tail of the crowd. One no longer gets from now! I have already tried with tu

    Tags: Dog tail Labrador turpentine Malheur
  • Tips that my dog ​​does not always barks at other dogs 2019-04-29

    I have a 1! / 2 year-old bitch. Unfortunately, she barks at our Spatziergängen to always other dogs. It does so from uncertainty. She is not aggressive when the dog gets closer she pulls a tail and wants to flee. In humans, they do not bark and dogs

    Tags: Dog barking
  • Demarcation cattery / commercial breeding (dog) 2019-04-29

    Hello everybody, if someone has an approved kennel name and a license to breed and this already 15 litters had (small dogs, about 3 pups per litter on average). Each year, 2 to 3 litters, about two females and also has its own stud dog ... that's sti

    Tags: Dog Commercial hobby breed Commercial + hobby breed
  • My dog ​​has gekappelt with another! :( 2019-04-29

    I was walking with my dog ​​on. We saw another dog, my dog ​​barked at him. To calm my dog ​​I let them make seat. What else ever worked .. but she moved anyway. And suddenly ... as fast as I could not watch the hinge opened on a leash and my dog ​​r

    Tags: Dog
  • Constellation the big dog .. which view is correct?

    Constellation the big dog .. which view is correct? 2019-04-29

    In most representations that I have found on the internet the constellation big dog is shown Often, however, even with another star to the left of Sirius, or even with more stars, so one really sees a dog on it. (Unfortunately I could add a photo lin

    Tags: Sky astronomy constellations sky + constellations



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