• I get after October child support? 2019-11-01

    Short to me: I studied from 2012 to 2014 to become a teacher and then canceled. Since December 2014 I am completing a voluntary internship until 01.05.2015, 21 am and will end the year 22nd Until 30.03. Was I still a student so registered no problems

    Tags: child support Study
  • I must, use Private with public traffic area business? 2019-10-31

    We have a pony. The Pony riding round is on a private road with public transport area, which belongs to us and our neighbors. Can I use this route yet commercially for the Pony Riders? --answer-- You should clarify the status urgently. As an example

    Tags: private Commercial
  • What equipment to buy T-Shirt printing? 2019-10-31

    What equipment do I need to custom shirts for printing, etc. or the films it? So not this easy ribbon from the normal printer. But with plotters, software, etc. What do I need everything to equipment? Thank you for your tips! --answer-- Plotter, pres

    Tags: clothing software print printer printing T-shirts plotters printers + T-Shirt
  • GTA 5 PC Installation 2019-10-31

    Yesterday evening GTA 5 DVD version installed on my PC. 7 DVD's (approximately 65GB / 2.5 hrs.), Then came a Social Club Installation Online (58MB / 5min) after that it was in an online update (again 60GB, with a transfer rate of just under 30kb / s

    Tags: PC + Games GTA IV
  • Period Kurantrag to permit? 2019-10-31

    Hello everyone, I want to make an application for a cure in the near future. How long does it take to receive approval or rejection? And after authorization when can I then make the trip? Do you have experience? Would be nice! LG --answer-- I once ap

    Tags: Health cure
  • Why tomato price different each day? 2019-10-31

    Hello I like to go to my favorite supermarket with R around the corner. But every day the price changes for my beloved cherry tomatoes. They then are not in advertising or are reduced. Why is that??? Can anyone explain to me? Why do I have to accept

    Tags: price shopping supermarket tomatoes shopping + supermarket price difference
  • HDD SSD DDR etc. 2019-10-31

    Hey guys what do the 4 words if I want to buy a pc it depends always there because I do not know the words --answer-- HDD are previously installed in storage devices. Here, a disc rotates on a magnetic head, the data writes and reads. SSD is a new te

    Tags: computer Hardware ssd hdd ssd Hardware +
  • He had what with another, what should I do? 2019-10-31

    I jetz been a while contact with a boy, together, we are not because I want to wait. He can actually do what he wants but somehow we are like together, I know it does not make sense but we write every day, see each other often and we also love. Yeste

    Tags: Love Sex boy cheated bubbles Young + Sex
  • Why is * 5 reckoned with appended task G_2 = (7 * + G_1 G_1) and not G_2 = (7 * 7 * + G_1 G_1) * 5, d 2019-10-31

    Hi Why is when appended task G_2 = (7 * G _1 + G _1) * 5 expected and not G _2 = (7 * G _1 + 7 * G _1) * 5 because F can be * 1 replaced by 7 * G _1 but G _1 itself yes 7 units away from the pivot point, right? What I understand wrong? thx --answer--

    Tags: Physics torque
  • What is the best beer in Germany for you? 2019-10-31

    In Germany there are nearly 1300 types of beer, if you go in a bottle shop, then you can decide at all. all taste the same, or is there a very special breed which distinguishes itself from others. --answer-- So I personally find Gustl (Augustiner Hel

    Tags: alcohol Beer
  • stepper and sit ups 2019-10-30

    hey people as I train every day now stepper encouragingly but that does nothing for my belly therefore drawn I would like incidentally also sit ups make but how many I do per day? Thanks in advance --answer-- It all depends on your character and your

    Tags: Sport sit-ups stepper sit-ups + stepper
  • Audi Q5 TFSI Assinstenzsysteme 2019-10-30

    Who knows what Assistens systems in the Audi Q5 TFSI 2.0 Year 2014 * Standard equipment installed Zb. Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Light Audi Side Assist Audi activate country assist --answer-- Then go to the configurator at audi I am a time-driv

    Tags: Technology Car Audi Audi + Car
  • .. Moving to another strange city 2019-10-30

    I talked to my mother, because I want in Helmstedt, my home, move away from here with my mother and my brother. I have problems, as you can put it like that, academically and socially. My mother has in mind because we would leave everything here (my

    Tags: City move
  • kdu basic assurance rent home 2019-10-30

    People I refer precisely pension, because it is limited but I go now I pay 190 euros rent with my father I heard that the Social Office that accepts in the work area of ​​a workshop for the disabled. The room is large and 14,4qm I have 20 sqm net Sha

    Tags: basic security KDU
  • Netflix subscription? Multiple devices 2019-10-30

    I have before me to order a abo at netflix for 4 devices but as I not only use it but share with friends I do not know if I should now accept and pay for one or two of these devices in demanding because I look forward to 2 devices once the phone, and

    Tags: netflix subscription
  • Holidays in Kenya - and who's flying it? 2019-10-30

    Dear Community, I (not the south north of the country) together with my partner a Kenya holiday (travel time: 27.08.2015 - 10.09.2015 -Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel - Diani Beach) booked. It is our first time in Kenya and we have made in advance many th

    Tags: Vacations loneliness Kenya
  • How can I read in Microsoft Office Outlok the spam news 2019-10-30

    Hello today I finally received my message of Cheats but it is in the spam folder as I can this I read have microsoft office 2003 --answer-- If these sorted out your provider in advance, they will not only relayed. Look to there.

    Tags: Technology Microsoft Outlook Spam Microsoft Outlook
  • How do I get healthy long hair in a short time 2019-10-30

    Clear care and I oil them often but they do not wachseb :( --answer-- Little heat, not smooth or blow hot. Otherwise, very often cut the tops and always maintain beautiful. LG Healthy hair care you get through. When growth you can however only be bui

    Tags: Hair healthy growing healthy + grow
  • Manual for the keyboard-learning (beginner)? 2019-10-29

    Hello first, someone knows a manual which you can use as a beginner? Since the next music school is 40 km away and we are home schooling can not afford>. < Is it possible the keyboard is playing itself to acquire, as some say that something is only

    Tags: learn Keyboard
  • What is for you the mainstream teenagers? 2019-10-29

    mainstream --answer-- those who follow the trend. are ultimately different scene. and if you look in such a is like snobs, hipster etc. Then apply just as mainstream. But otherwise every person is individually owned. He is a "dead fish", because

    Tags: teenager Mainstream



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