• canon 600d or other 2019-02-22

    Hello, I would like to buy a camera that is not too expensive. me is quite important that you can show the display and it also has photo quality good videoqualtität. they should not be too schwiergig to use. one like the Canon 600d. knows her one tha

    Tags: Canon SLR
  • Op ear Dieting 2019-02-22

    I'll operriert by ear I'll take off or take I. Op is in 2 weeks If I pick up now I take off, but I'm afraid that I gain after Op --answer-- No you're not taking after the op from or you live quite normally with all misspellings and kilos

    Tags: lose weight
  • PowerPoint of Macbook on Windows 2019-02-22

    Hello dear, I have to time a Macbook and has a PowerPoint presentation (do it with OpenOffice) produced .. now I have to file my girlfriend send a Windows has ... Can they also get access to my file? --answer-- yes that is, it depends on the extensio

    Tags: Windows Apple Open Office Open Office + Windows
  • touched Injury Length outer band? 2019-02-22

    I got me on Saturday when play basketball right ankle outer band touched because I am bent over. The doctor thinks I can do sport again until 6 weeks! I can stand at present hardly occur only in the foot is loaded. I get a collar and stability nor st

    Tags: Doctor injury medical doctor + injury outer wall
  • alternative Bing and Google Translator 2019-02-22

    Is there an alternative to Bing and Google Translate? Please respond in Links --answer-- Hello, the best translator is still the flesh and blood - that man - because the Babel Fish (English Babelfish.), the fictional creatures from the novel The Hitc

    Tags: translator
  • German orthography: to the submitting Back ... / being returned? 2019-02-22

    In the following sentence: ... And they said to their respective publisher, which I had to specify the number of back to the submitting books ... How is it written? :) --answer-- back to the sending / the submitting remittances ..... I would actually

    Tags: German grammar spelling Back grammar + spelling

    Hey Bastille fanatic you know which keyboard Dan Smith or Kyle Simmons has or which brand etc. ? Thank you very much ;) --answer-- Kyle Simmons has loudly this photo ( ) A Akai MPK61. But you have to remember that that could sometimes change their ke

    Tags: Bastille keyboard Bastille + Dan Smith Dan Smith
  • Which activities are exercised in the area of ​​production and work preparation? 2019-02-21

    Need it for multiple business processes --answer-- as the name suggests, the production works, the work plans of work scheduling from :-)

    Tags: manufacturing process planning
  • Servus TV transmits football 2019-02-21

    As known transmits Servus TV sometimes dream games such as Barcelona against Real in the Copa del Rey final against Real or Atlético in Supercopa. Unfortunately, I have seen on Euro Sport only the end of the advertising and there was a trophy and the

    Tags: advertising football SERVUS TV SERVUS TV + Advertising
  • which game to buy for ps4 2019-02-21

    Hello people I had recently birthday and had 130 francs get .I am turk. I want me to buy a ps4 game but which .... and yes it can still be from 18 ,, auser GTA5, fifa 15, battlefield. call of duty for which I have already --answer-- maybe could you L

    Tags: Games PS4
  • Why palpitations at Erbechen? Bulimia.. 2019-02-21

    Had already contributing because my girlfriend .. now I've noticed that it has seemingly strong palpitations, repeatedly it .. suddenly seems to come and stop again, especially during and after vomiting it has. Even so between sometime on day should

    Tags: Health fear friend Bulimia anxiety + girlfriend
  • If the specified bay oil in this recipe right? 2019-02-21

    Hey, we want to establish a natural soap just in school. Are 200ml laurel oil because too much? www.pagewizz.com/lorbeerseife-im-stil-der-aleppo-seife-selber-sieden/#_=_ Must there 200ml of such a bottle (see picture) laurel oil there? Ingredients: 4

    Tags: Math Mathematics formula Cosmetics soap make myself prepared cosmetics + mathematics boil
  • I quit smoking. How long does my lungs until it again is clean? 2019-02-21

    Hey so I smoked about 4 years, so about 7-9 pieces a day, sometimes less. I am female and 19 years old. Yes, I'm not proud that I started to smoke 15 .. I am ashamed and wish I could undo doing .. well trying to quit since 12. 03.2015. Unfortunately,

    Tags: smoke smoking
  • Apart nehmmen in blood man op cancer has? 2019-02-21

    ask ^ am 16 have to be afraid cancer .. --answer-- Apart nehmmen in blood man op cancer has? NO! In addition, the likelihood of developing cancer in your age is extremely low. Stop googling after illness, then you also need not fear of cancer to have

    Tags: cancer Doctor Blood blood cancer
  • What a soup 2019-02-21

    Hi, what soup (s) you find tasty ??? --answer-- tomatosoup Broccoli cream soup leek soup vegetable soup My mother always makes a very tasty noodle soup with marrow fishball indoors Lentil soup, tomato soup, pumpkin soup, potato soup, carrot soup "Sol

    Tags: soup Tasty
  • Pirated in South America. All Illegal? 2019-02-20

    Hello, I spent a lot of time in Peru and have often seen stalls where DVDs and music are sold, but not in its original packaging. Should probably be all pirated. The sold in public places, where the police always turn passes and nothing happens! All

    Tags: DVD abroad
  • Do we have a chance? I love him very much. 2019-02-20

    Since 2.5 months I know (17) these boys (21). It has not started so well with us. He had at the beginning of another friend and just wanted what loose. The two had a relationship break. It was for me in the beginning really still okay, although it wa

    Tags: Relationship Love feelings relationship + Men affair
  • Application: study abroad in the CV? 2019-02-20

    I had long a 1 1/2 year stay abroad. Should I mention in your CV or professional / extracurricular? --answer-- Hello Nellyykellyy, You will have to mention it, because you have a big gap in your resume otherwise. What have you done exactly in this ti

    Tags: job Occupation
  • Notebook sufficient ?!) 2019-02-20

    Hello! Miss a laptop Wolltw my girlfriend for building, with which it can work properly (Word office etc.) and content and can look at movies, which is not also "overwhelmed" directly at a little more performance and hangs / lagt. What do you th

    Tags: computer Notebook
  • Paysafe Card Keep or throw it away? 2019-02-20

    So I got me a game on Steam what you pay € 20 kosted with a 25 € PSC, as seen € 5 too much: D Now my question is if I can throw away the card or € 5 is still on the map it is that I wd could use. Thanks in advance for all the answers! --answer-- The

    Tags: Paysafecard throw



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