• Racism in operation 2017-11-03

    As determined many of you know there was a stop in Paris on a newspaper office. Well, I'm a Muslim and in operation has spoken to me often on it. However, it was now somewhat exaggerated, because I was called "Turkish bombs Leger". And the boss.

    Tags: Operation racism
  • I do not trust me and need your help :( 2017-11-03

    Hi, I'm in love with a particular boy for a year and wanted to tell them that but I trust myself not ye like I can do that without being immediately red thank you in advance in advance tips. Lea --answer-- Over rin no you can not bekommrn. Contact me

    Tags: shyness Love
  • Dog eats ducks failed ....! 2017-11-03

    Hello to all dog owners / dog trainer I have since about one months and a dog that eats constantly ducks failed .... and hard pellets. This may already be a pain while walking because they Wen you through a meadow is where failed .... is it all the t

    Tags: Dog Dog training dog behavior dog food dog trainer dog training + dog food
  • why does a brushless motor underwater 2017-11-02

    A motor for example Quadcopter runs under water, but why? Should this not be a short circuit since but power is in the game, right? --answer-- Brushless means that the motor has no brushes (sliding contacts) and no collector (commutator) for transmit

    Tags: Leisure quadcopter multicopter brushless motor multicopter + quadcopter
  • How Expensive will H1Z1? 2017-11-02

    `Hello because the game comes out in less than 4 hours, I wanted ne paysafecard fetch me to buy that game. Does anyone know how Expensive will this game? --answer-- So, my dear friend and engraver before you any whisked Sch ... tell here .: In the US

    Tags: computer computer games Video games Computer games + video games H1Z1
  • Who knows what a dog is 2017-11-02

    Important --answer-- I think that is not purebred looks like a mongrel iwie dachshund and terrier or so This looks like a jack russel mix. Looks like a Laprador ... Could also be a dachshund .. Which dog is the There we have a house which is a Terrie

    Tags: Images below
  • School and questions :) 2017-11-02

    Alsooo ^^ hello there :) I wanted to ask, so I'm just home (to our school there are main to Real) Aufjedenfall, I came to the main only for half a year and in the 7'ten class ._. Well then I get to the point xD I'm trying to switch to Real and have a

    Tags: School notes
  • at meeting he gets up and runs off easily? 2017-11-02

    Hello, I had the last Saturday a meeting with someone (29). We know each other for 3 months and wanted to talk about what happens next, because he is not sure what he wants. but he said he did not want to finish. he said he would have a totally messe

    Tags: Date Relationship Love men heartbreak fear partnership dissipation experiences trust separation Rejection meetings Angst + relationship long-term
  • LAN cable split? Is the? 2017-11-02

    Hello, recently our router is now down and the wireless receiver leaves to be desired. Since the WLAN to be just for me and the other is to be independent, as that is down at 22 o'clock offline because it takes no more I want to connect a second rout

    Tags: Internet LAN wireless Network network + WLAN
  • Untitled Perform a Ph.D. 2017-11-02

    good day, on Facebook there is a person, which the group "auction with steam passes!. That person in his Facebook name unjustifiably the title Doctor. He has given me added in a personal message, when I asked him if he holds a Ph.D. , He directs this

    Tags: Criminal doktortitel
  • Minecraft 1.8.1 which Optifine best 2017-11-02

    Does anyone know which opti fine in most 1.8.1 fps brings. And looking from left someone like opti fine that makes because that interests me straight. --answer-- In itself, bring the different versions more or less settings. For example the light ver

    Tags: Minecraft Gaming opti fine gaming + Minecraft
  • S4 will not play music 2017-11-02

    Hello my s4 has always played all music and video. Also it has when I've played music always in the blocking screen the songs but no longer appears now. Now it only plays the songs in 2maligen press the song from used the normal musikapp from samsung

    Tags: Music Video art entertainment art + Video
  • how to convince heat thermal insulation in the house 2017-11-01

    Hey I write on Friday a working. it comes to heat insulation in the house and we have the theme since 2tagen .... unswar: explain how and where heat protection on building up and energy production are possible? (It is a normal house with a roof) peop

    Tags: Physics Science warmth insulation natural science + warmth
  • Until Sunday gastrointestinal flu recover? 2017-11-01

    Hello. My girlfriend has a stomach-intestinal flu since yesterday. Since we I wanted to go on Sunday with the school on ski course ask whether they previously would recover and may travel or whether they must stay at home? --answer-- This is very dif

    Tags: Abdominal influenza
  • Pores in a biological membrane 2017-11-01

    I should for a biology project my water-permeable pores model (which was confirmed by the teacher to be correct) compare with the Aquaporin one and a Piezo1-pore. For the aquaporin pore I already present amino acid residues, but this match is not the

    Tags: Chemistry Biology
  • one needs when slimming calm day? 2017-11-01

    I go in boxing club for 1 hr and although I can monday, tuesday, wednesday and Thursday but come to trainig I've read that you should train only every 2 day so that the muscles to Recuperate. but I've read only in connection with muscle building. as

    Tags: slimming closed
  • Labello with taste? 2017-11-01

    Hello :) I once seen a woman in my class who had a labello with cola-blueberry I wanted to ask if ernnur smells Cola blueberry or even afterwards tastes times? --answer-- Tenma19 there is also at Rossmann? I want to ask them reluctant as we are enemi

    Tags: Labello
  • Subsequent roof insulation? 2017-11-01

    Hello to the experts, I had a quick question about: roof insulation. Specifically it is about a subsequent roof insulation from the inside. Is that possible? What should you look for? I look forward to your answers. --answer-- Yes it's possible. In g

    Tags: roof roof insulation
  • How quickly terminate auto insurers? 2017-11-01

    Hello and good day, is anyone here ever been in the situation that he was fired from his car insurance for no apparent reason? What do you think, can this be the reasons? I look forward to your answers! Greetings Julia --answer-- Hello, the reasons f

    Tags: Termination car insurance
  • Zombie Apocalypse, your approach 2017-11-01

    What would you do if you see on TV that in Paris the zombie apocalypse broke out ??? --answer-- No panic! Without the help of the Americans and British who have never made it across the Rhine. So I do not know if that was now serious .. But at a zomb

    Tags: zombie Survival



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