• View Best Friend? false friends met 2019-03-11

    my best friend is totally slipped because of his new 'friends' and only makes criminal things .. I have become not care I can do or what I want, he can not hear me .. I will show him for the things around him eyes open? or maybe other suggestions? Th

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  • but must cry it does not work can help me anyone? 2019-03-11

    Hi I have been through a lot lately and now has to cry but somehow it does not work I just can not cry. Does anyone know why this is so. PS: Solicit quick reply --answer-- Ne is the problem I have kind of a stab in the chest and usually you cry but w

    Tags: Health Psyche cry Mood cry + Psyche can not cry
  • Anime - Series Naruto Shippuuden 2019-03-11

    Unzwar I wanted to know when it again properly begins with the main story in Naruto Shippuden, because for weeks just Filler come to follow a know of? Does anyone know what? Thank you .. --answer-- I do not know where the other user has this date, bu

    Tags: Anime + Series
  • diet psychology 2019-03-11

    Hi :) I have this year a work on diets in relation to write psychology .... What you get for your mind when you hear that? 'Why do we as ever make diets' etc ... Do you have ideas? thank you very much --answer-- Spoiled ?! Depression?! False idols ?!

    Tags: diet psychology
  • Which brush for a Norwich Terrier (dog)? 2019-03-11

    Hello, Which is not too expensive, but good, can you brush for a Norwich Terrier (medium length, Rauhaarfell) recommend? The brush is not somehow thought of as special before trimming or so, sondrn only to normal by brush. Lg. And thank you for your

    Tags: Animals Dog brush Norwich Terrier brush + dog
  • I get further child benefit? qwze 2019-03-11

    Hello, I'm jz 18 and will soon start with 2 friends a Wg. Now I wanted to ask if I still get child benefit if I no longer live at home and am in training? PS: I have read that I can apply it myself until I'm in training and 25. --answer-- Child benef

    Tags: Children money off
  • Should I talk to him? Is he in love with me? 2019-03-11

    Hello, I do not know what to do: I think I'm in love with a boy from my class. I wonder if he likes me or even more than that

    Tags: Guys love
  • totally helpless? what does he want? 2019-03-11

    Hello, determined you read those posts often or similar but I beg you to help me, I do not go on. It is about a work colleague of the film works in front of me at the plant next to me. Three weeks we had time together layer and got to know something

    Tags: Relationship Love men Sex Grief relationship + sex
  • Overnight? 2019-03-11

    I've always used napkins night over and during the day an OB and I'm afraid that the when I sleep somehow further goes in when I do at night meinOB purely because I do my unnecessary thoughts? --answer-- Nee I thought slip too :) Plunging it does not

    Tags: Help night
  • Sprechaktorientierte rights - Introduction 2019-03-11

    I just wanted to ask what is the difference between the subject, the object and the thesis of a text. Many thanks in advance --answer-- The subject of a presentation could be justice. The article to which is indicated could be a truth in the trial an

    Tags: German philosophy
  • skype calls promblem 2019-03-10

    Hey so if I jmd in skype call then I never hear the :( how can you turn off the cam? And what must I follow --answer-- Cam off? What if you call someone on Skype, you can decide whether you want himself he sees you or not :) Otherwise kleb what on yo

    Tags: call Skype
  • Good films wanted ?! Fast 2019-03-10

    Hey guys I need quick ideas I can look for NEN film is best not with love and nothing with horror --answer-- Crank Parts 1 and 2, Harry Potter all parts, White House Down, Cop Out-unloading and Entsichert, Hangover all parts, Hansel & Gretel: Witch H

    Tags: Film humor
  • Where ESN Designer Whey ?! 2019-03-10

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where there Esn Designer Whey to buy? --answer-- Designer Whey of ESN can be found at various online stores. Amazon and Fitmart for example. More information on ESN Designer Whey is also under http://www.whey-protein-info.d

    Tags: fitness protein gym Whey protein + gym
  • TV Samsung T24D310ES No Signal? Help! 2019-03-10

    Hi, got myself now for my bedroom following screen: "Samsung T24D310ES". This is indeed in possession of the triple-tuner, so I think: "are you simply the coaxial cable to the connector and pressing on the transmitter seeker, but then it ru

    Tags: Help Samsung No Signal TV + Samsung
  • Which breeds are particularly well suited for western riding and natural horsemanship? 2019-03-10

    Which breeds are particularly well? Besides the "normal" Western Horse --answer-- Quadratic races are always good for Western. The typical Western horses also are all very compact. A warm-blooded with extended back has the wide and heavy saddle

    Tags: Horses Western.
  • Hole cladding plastic? 2019-03-10

    Hi folks, I despair just because I just find anything suitable to do so. I also do not know how it is called a part. In a computer table but sometimes there is a hole and make it look better, often has this a plastic insert. Seeking none that is comp

    Tags: wood diy hardware store DIY diy +
  • What to do with contributing exempted life insurance after death? How to calculate it? 2019-03-10

    Hi, on 1.4.85 a LV was completed and in 3J. were about, to 1988 paid about 1200EUR and from there provided free amount. On 1.4.15 the insurance runs out, the owner is deceased in Jan.15. From 2009, a contract worth 600EUR was identified with identity

    Tags: Insurance Contract banking inheritance life insurance brokers succession bank + contract
  • I love him! ~ Fly 2019-03-10

    I love him so much what to do so I do not so often think of him. I even dream about him ... --answer-- I think that is not possible but you can write him yes or so

    Tags: Leisure Love friendship partnership friendship + Love
  • PC starts just like that 2019-03-10

    My PC starts just so matter what I do can someone help me further? I can natührlich also each time to pull the plug but why my PC all the time for no reason is simple like that? I hope someone can help me further. Mfg --answer-- As one might first ch

    Tags: Problems
  • girl does not respond when I her more than 2 said news chic: / 2019-03-10

    Hello, I have a problem I write very long with a girl (am 14 and it also) we love almost, so if we sometimes do not write then what is funny. My problem we send eiglich almost only spoke objects (ahh yes have already done several times what) but when

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