• GTA 5 PC - problem at the start ?! 2019-11-13

    Hey guys - I start today GTA 5 aufm PC and then I have something like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe2gqjHtU-E NEN i5 processor, 16RAM, Nvidia GTX 750 TI - everything should passen.Habe tried it on the lowest graphics settings, is n

    Tags: Video gta Graphics GTA V Problems gta-5 screen + gta
  • GTA V PC steam 2019-11-13

    So as nu today from 1:00 GTA V was released and I already months even years have been waiting, I will finally zocken xD the preload on 7 funzte wonderfully without shutdown of steam (with 1.7-1.9 mb in..Staff) is nu the problem that steam tried gta 5

    Tags: Games gta art gamble games and Engineering
  • I Schaff my license until then? 2019-11-13

    Moin together, I'm on 20.6. 18 and started with my driving license class B last month. I'd like to think so 18 through, I have 4 hours of theory already behind me now is my question, I can do it by then if I hingeh regularly (2 times a week) and not

    Tags: Car driving license
  • HTML Whats App Link 2019-11-13

    Is there a formula, similar to how the telephone link, the one on the ID can immediately send Whatsapp message to the appropriate number by clicking? --answer-- You can hereby a "ShareButton" create. http://whatsapp-sharing.com/ Do you mean a li

    Tags: WhatsApp html
  • Schufa credit score rejection 2019-11-13

    Hello I despair and although I have a loan I pay regularly at my local bank and an MRP is fully exploited because my credit has a very high interest rate has my bank offers to increase the loan to more favorable interest so as to compensate my MRP wa

    Tags: Schufa
  • Playstation 3 borrow in Austria? 2019-11-13

    Does anyone know where you can get a Playstation borrow / rent 3 in Austria? --answer-- Give times Playstation borrow Vienna in Google, it all adds.

    Tags: rent games consoles rent consoles +
  • Viva song MÃĪrz / April 2015 2019-11-13

    Hello for days comes at viva always a song that always comes in this horse's head. What's it called? --answer-- I think you mean Capital Cities Kangaroo Court

    Tags: song Viva
  • Power difference Vodafone and Mobilkom Debitel Vodafone or Vodafone 1und1 2019-11-13

    I want to bring me a IPad Air2 128GB with 5 to 15 GB consumption. My question is there from POWER forth a real difference between directly Vodafone, 1und1 Vodafone network and Mobilkom Debitel Vodafone network? Ansich's Mobilekom Debitel cheaper than

    Tags: Technology Vodafone flatrate iPad tablet iPad + Tablet
  • Discal buckle 2019-11-13

    I probably have a Discal buckle and my question is I on the construction as floorlayer Work and this pain so about 2 years have how long I'll have an AU? I am 23 years young and just wanted to know if I continue to work and may have to because the pa

    Tags: Disease disc bulge
  • How can you delete the Apus-App? 2019-11-12

    I've downloaded the app Apus me a while ago and now want to delete it, since it no longer works .. but if I go to the application manager now, I can then "Uninstall" button does not press. Is there another way to remove this app? Thank you in ad

    Tags: App Mobile
  • How cool GTA V is for the PC? 2019-11-12

    Who zockts already? --answer-- Ich finds hammermäßig. Horny graphics etc ... But one needs to have good PC n ne good frame rate. But then sichs also worthwhile. greetings old how old are duu

    Tags: PC + Games GTA V
  • Effect of Glauber salt delayed? 2019-11-12

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I made to 250 ml of water about 15g Glauber's salt (16h). The last time also everything worked, but this time I wait after ten hours still that it affects. It grumbles only in colon but no more. I can still remember that, ag

    Tags: Cleaning fast
  • Read in HTML text from .txt file in Label 2019-11-12

    Hey guys, I had a small problem. I am currently still beginner what "programming" is concerned. My question: I have a text document with 200-Chuck Norris jokes. Now I always want one of these jokes via a button in a Label Show Let. How do I real

    Tags: programming html
  • Why is Norma Jean Baker died? 2019-11-12

    There are different versions of this. --answer-- This question is asked a long time. From my sources, I can answer you this: Through her intimate relationship with JFK they also had access to secret material. However, their health was worrying that s

    Tags: Suicide intelligence
  • How do I get the Deep Numb Tattoo Anesthetic Cream in Germany? 2019-11-12

    Hello everybody. I want my soon be a tattoo, and asked my Tattoowierer if I may use the Deep Numb cream, and he said to because the was very good. However, it seems not to get comfortable in Germany. Neither on Ebay nor Amazon. Does anyone of you may

    Tags: Tattoo Piercing anesthesia anesthesia + Tattoo
  • Who knows when the reconciliation of BAT on TVöD about conservation steps 2019-11-12

    Hello everybody, I have been working for 25 years in the same house. Until now for us the BAT now we are converted to TVöD VKA. I am in the group 9. Now you will convict me in level 4, even though I have the seniority of step 6 and also since the beg

    Tags: gradually bat reconciliation conversion TVöD asked + TVöD
  • Which components to a data packet comprised?

    Which components to a data packet comprised? 2019-11-12

    Hi, I have ne computer science question ... Standing on top ... Thanks --answer-- Basically, there is always a data packet consists of a header (which contains control information) and the actual data part. As the header is set up depends on the cons

    Tags: information computer science
  • not paid 1 credit rate 2019-11-11

    Hello, A very good friend, currently has a few problems ... you and your partner have bought a house 2 years ago and after less than one year sold back (terror neighbors) you have then bought one and put aside some money if you have to pay the income

    Tags: credit MRP bankers loan rate
  • Internet purchase in Austria - guarantee how long? 2019-11-11

    I bought in June 2014 in Austria (shop) used a DSLR, in which I have only now found a masked deficiency. Who knows what to do? According to statement of jurisdiction place of the seller, what are the warranty regulations in Austria for used and a com

    Tags: Internet warranty Austria Guarantee guarantee + Austria
  • why it has not sold in the 40's the jews, gypsies etc simply from the country instead 2019-11-11

    to kill them? --answer-- you Also tried first, but was then too expensive, so that before pulling the murder. I think that the construction of the highway has to do with it, because for quite a lot of people needed. Under AH was the company "Reichsau

    Tags: WW2 Jews



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