• Find good headset! need recommendations 2018-11-06

    Hello I'm looking for a good headset. It should cost € 80 more than 90! Can you recommend one with --answer-- http://geizhals.de/eu/?cmp=1110465&cmp=893954 Takstar Hi2050 / Pro80 + microphone = og headset. Do you get cheaper if you take the headset w

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  • Krabat-Pumphutt characterization 2018-11-06

    Yoo, Hi first! : D I write soon a paper on the "novel" KRABAT in German and so, as it is up there I need a characterization of "PUMPHUTT" because we treat him in the work. For this I needed information about him! I know in Wikis are a

    Tags: Roman characterization Krabat characterization + Krabat
  • 2x strength training per week 2018-11-05

    Hello I want to martial arts (boxing) with strength training kombinieren.Ich had begun with a 3 split plus 3x the weekly boxes made so 6x weekly workout! My trainer my that is too much and I werde.NUN build nothing is my question: How can I train 2x

    Tags: Health training fitness Muscle fitness + Training Boxing martial arts
  • I urgently need a new laptop 2018-11-05

    Hello situation is currently as follows: At the moment I have the Toshiba satelite but my laptop but coming to an end, I just look for new laptops'd also like here excitation pick what are your experiences that you could recommend me I do not need th

    Tags: new
  • Can I give an answer to anyone? 2018-11-05

    Can I give an answer someone out? What is this Muränenart? --answer-- Perhaps a fimbriated moray

    Tags: Help morays
  • What functions does the city of Istanbul? 2018-11-05

    Hello I wanted to ask a question, I am a math teacher and need to tonight an answer. I have represented until tomorrow as it is in the representation plan geography. And to find out about the functions of the metropolis Istanbul. Do you have somethin

    Tags: geography Geography + Geography
  • Complete Minecraft crates 2018-11-05

    How can I complete my doors and boxes in Minecraft? --answer-- Search but in Yt ConCrafter has gem8 a video about Mostly with the command / lock lg Push The plugin LWC just in the Plugins folder server restart and you are all doors + boxes you put cl

    Tags: Minecraft
  • Happy Wheels download: D 2018-11-05

    Hi! knows her a secure link where you can download Happy wheels? Thanks in advance:) --answer-- http: //www.totaljerkface.com/index.tjf; jsessionid = 980551451EB1174E722FD3A4698264 ... happy wheels is an online Flash game = no download: D maybe you c

    Tags: computer computer games happy-wheels Computer Games + happy-wheels
  • Homework to professional beauty and wellness 2018-11-05

    Hi, Have a homework to get in I will not be veraus. It is about the professional specialist beauty and wellness. Can a me these questions answer: What degree do you need? What 'specific subjects? Daily routine? Salary? Job market? and what is it Anyw

    Tags: difficult homework
  • dog return due to lack of vaccination 2018-11-04

    Hi, I have to separate myself from my last bitch professional reasons, because I will not meet her. When the girl arrived yesterday we made a contract where I deny the return. She took the little velvet animal shelter ID card. This morning she wrote

    Tags: Contract Dog purchase agreement lack purchase contract + contract
  • your opinion about asylum hostels 2018-11-04

    what do you think how would you a living in the asylum home and imagine how would you describe ihreure imagination please do write me pure --answer-- Hello, you asked that before: https: //www./frage/leben-im-asylheim foundin = user-profile-question

    Tags: opinion
  • Why does my PC keeps crashing when I Sims 3 games? 2018-11-04

    Whenever I try to play Sims 3 crashes whole my PC. I have my PC again and restart repeatedly and annoying. My question is can you tell me why my PC always crashes? And how can I normally play Sims 3 finally back? --answer-- That was a time also to my

    Tags: Games Sims crash Sims3 Sims Games +
  • Losing weight through workouts - I take ever from characterized? 2018-11-04

    Hello, I'm 14, weigh 60 kg and am: 1.55 cm tall. I would soon start daily 30 minute workouts to make. Can I lose weight at all as a result? Thank you. --answer-- Yes, through 30 minute workouts you can lose weight, but something like this is always p

    Tags: slimming diet
  • painkillers effect? 2018-11-04

    Hi I hab mal ne ask. If I have a sick tablet I suppose but not have pain I spühre then not even when, for example, which falls on my foot? And prescription such tablets? Comical I ask knows I hope you understand what I mean: D --answer-- you can not

    Tags: Pain tablets
  • GTA 5 help update 2018-11-04

    Hello I wanted to play a few hours gta. 5 When I got there gelffnet came the message that there is an update. I downloaded it and upload it for about 2 hours and ust degree at 62%. I have the installation ever of new gestarteb because it went no furt

    Tags: Update gta
  • How accurate are live broadcasts? 2018-11-04

    Hello, How exactly are live broadcasts from television? If, for example, a live broadcast in Germany followed from America, how big is because the time? So if someone, for example, the word "Hello" when that happens to me on television? Live's r

    Tags: Technology live television media TV + TV
  • How much you have to be reported to be captured on facebook? 2018-11-04

    What is already there how much you have to be reported to be captured on facebook? because someone from me a fake account created. --answer-- One can not say directly how often you have to report the page. It is expected, of course, that it already d

    Tags: Facebook fake
  • Transfer from abroad - Which data are required? 2018-11-04

    Hello, my question is above what I need to provide and what would be unnecessary? --answer-- Hello, which comes on the sender country of money. If this is a EU / EEA State is then Name, IBAN and BIC requires the recipient. If the money from one of th

    Tags: bank transfer abroad Bank Account foreign + account
  • Do I have to print question papers for my whole class as a student? 2018-11-04

    Bin 10th grade. My teacher says I should for all students a worksheet to print (30 pcs.) Is there a law that I have nothing for other students to copy. I mean A template but must be enough! To which one can indeed times in the survey part company if

    Tags: Copy teacher
  • Which shell for MTB? 2018-11-03

    Hello, I would like to know how long you could drive a coat, so how much profile he should not have. I also want to know which shell is good. Have been Schwalbe Rapid Rob in 29x2,25 thank you --answer-- Depends on. The Rapid Rob is possible to use ve

    Tags: jacket bike tires mountain bike MTB Schwalbe mountain bike tires +



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