• How many times per day should be fed a dog, and especially why? 2017-09-18

    Hello, often one hears that puppies should be fed three times a day, young dogs and adult dogs twice again. Is it provided for certain reasons? In particular reasons that are not due to the convenience of the dog owner? --answer-- In puppies having s

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  • Do you have suggestions for unusual but beautiful dog names? 2017-09-18

    Search for bitch unusual but beautiful dog names. --answer-- Nourbese - This is African and is called the Beautiful. How about Ancksunamun. Helena Baghira. Ninja Quennie In what direction it? Our Hünding's example Jinni because it was for us the fulf

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  • dog neutered! what change? 2017-09-18

    our dog must be spayed ... I would like to know how your dog (and his fur) has changed after you have castrated him! lg Emmy --answer-- Whether the skin is changing, also depends on the breed. Breeds with smooth, silky coat are most affected, with th

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  • Victoria's Secret plush dog in Munich? 2017-09-17

    Hey guys I'm going soon to the airport where a Victoria's Secret store is and I've heard from my friend (from America) that the there so plush dog from Pink to every purchase from .... € add my question when I am Airport buy what I get one this? And

    Tags: Perfume clothes Pink stuffed animal Victoria's Secret pink perfume +
  • dog (pug) dominant 2017-09-17

    Hello, my dog ​​is almost always perfect but gassi whenever another dog there does not matter if it is known or a stranger he will dominant.Erst he looks so dominant with uplifted head and ears forward (but is a sign for it or not?) then he makes a p

    Tags: Dog dominance
  • Dog behavior / stop? 2017-09-17

    I belly times opinions. I have two dogs. One male, neutered and almost 2 years and a dog neutered, and just under 1 year. Lately I observe the following situation: He is somewhere cozy and asleep. Suddenly comes angedackelt and simply lies down on to

    Tags: Dog behavior
  • For when is the dog litter? 2017-09-17

    Hello, I am looking for a puppy and there is at most breeders breeding plans and there is for example in June 2015 the union is as expected or comes because of Wurfakt? Lg LenaLeila --answer-- If there is "planned litter" or "we are plannin

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  • clean dog, do what all and note 2017-09-17

    Hi, I got myself a dog. Now my question is: "keep clean" the dog, what can you do about it. If the dog is dirty, I wash him, sometimes with shampoo, what is not to use too often, as I have read. (Is that at all), then my dog ​​scratching constan

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  • Movie with dog from outer space 2017-09-17

    Early 2000s my daughter fell in love with a movie that we then also often loaned us from the video store. It's about a dog who lands with a spaceship on Earth and is taken up by a lonely little boy. Of course, says the dog. He befriends with neighbor

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  • What should I do that no longer runs away my dog? 2017-09-17

    Hello my friends I've got a question: I have a dog (12 years old, Golden Retriver). But my problem is he always runs away. I have him already bound to a canvas (approx. 20m long). He always runs away towards evening as yesterday at 3:30 at night, the

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  • Victoria's secret pink dog even with perfume Shopping? 2017-09-17

    So Hi we do only as a victoria's secret shop where it and so are perfume I get as well as a plush dog or paid only in pink? thank you

    Tags: store Dog Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Store +
  • Dog has apparently sprained paw .. what to do? 2017-09-16

    Tomorrow, I wanted to grade with my German Shepherd (7) for a spin. Because I noticed that he Left Front does not occur and greatly hobbles that is flat even come this far he squeaked in pain and has lain down immediately and no longer wanted to get

    Tags: Animals Dog bones dog bones +
  • Is it a pain to take the dog with abroad? 2017-09-16

    Hello! I have a Jack Russell dog that is a bit smaller than a cat. Because of business reasons I have to emigrate to South America. Three months ago I was to look after there for 3 weeks around the house etc. At the time she was with friends, but the

    Tags: Animals Dog flight Countries foreign + dog
  • Is that a spülwurm for my dog? 2017-09-16

    Hello my puppy (7 months) old has had since yesterday noon diarrhea .... I managed quite DieJ all night did not have to sleep every hour out :-( now I had just hate him and found a worm-like thing in his kot looks times in the photo that is a purge w

    Tags: sick Dog Worms puppies spülwurm dogs illness sick puppies +
  • Subcutaneous injections make the dog itself ?! 2017-09-16

    Good morning, so my dog's grade in treatment in an animal hospital after surgery. He should now take 10 days left antibiotics and painkillers in tablet form. The problem is he is so clever and notes directly when I and so on hiding tablets and sausag

    Tags: Dog itself syringes subcutaneously
  • We get a dog soon but I do not stop much about them ?! 2017-09-16

    Hey! I've already 2 cats and rabbit 2 and of course we want a matching dog get the fit in in our family. We are 4 people and we think or already decided to get a dog (animal shelter). ONLY I am the jeninge likes taking care of the animals (of course,

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  • Which dog food is recommended you 2017-09-16

    Can anyone recommend good dog food ?? Have a Boxer, German shorthair hybrid !! --answer-- Good food has about 50-70% meat, no grains, no sugar. With it you can pedigree, Frolic, Royalcanin, happydog and meistwe other kloppen in commanding tonne. Trox

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  • Tighten night the dog a Läufigkeitshöschen? 2017-09-16

    Hello, I have now daytime panties at my bitch in heat is omitted because it adheres actually pretty clean, clear what goes wrong, but is really little, that it is the first time for the first time. I wonder now, but if I really should wear a pair of

    Tags: Animals Dog night pants heat pants + dog
  • Dog hair everywhere ... 2017-09-16

    My dog ​​is a year old, loses since then I have him he has constantly Haare.Vom veterinarian Viacutan plus get very, very effective but expensive .... Once we settle these vitamins, it begins again ... I'm at a loss and the doctor auch.Es can not but

    Tags: Dog animals lose hair
  • Insecure dog for fireworks - solutions? 2017-09-16

    Hello, On behalf of a colleague who uses hardly Internet, I wanted you like to describe their problem, which has to date with their dogs. This is a 19 month old Vizsla males, castrated, so far to most dogs tolerated and recoil resistant. She has take

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