• Tibial head fracture by a dog 2019-05-11

    Hello you, the ever heard that you can break something by a dog? So for me was that in December 2013 where I was a dog has caught with his rump on the calf and I have suffered a tibia head fracture. Now we argue with the insurance rum because the do

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  • My dog ​​loves my feet 2019-05-11

    My dog ​​is a haverneser Poodle mix and 1 1/2 years old. He is a neutered male (only're NEN month ca) and its vergangenheute wat underwhelming. So he was all day care does not let out of the weather outside alone in the kennel and was staying with fa

    Tags: Dog behavior
  • Search for second dog for my dog! 2019-05-11

    Hello, I moved out of home with my little dog (Yorkshire Terrier Biewer). At home we had other animals (dogs and cats). He has very good terms with each animal and since then we have gone forth, he grieves very. He sleeps almost exclusively and would

    Tags: Dog breed
  • computer experts, "terminate updates" 2019-05-11

    Hello, next to my answers and comments always appear the orange dot "updates quit" next to the thumb high. What does this mean and how can I prevent that? Thank you for your answers. --answer-- If you "finish updates" on clicking you g

    Tags: Computer update
  • KPS lawyers are fraudsters or a real company? 2019-05-11

    Hey, I have desöfteren something ordered on eBay, always the money was accordingly departed from my account after I have for months ordered anything on eBay or the like, I had to call a letter from BFS Risk in the mailbox, then KPS lawyers, these me

    Tags: Lawyer kps
  • Aggression in the person you love 2019-05-10

    What to do about it, if you love a person to idolatry, but in the presence gets aggression? One can not, with or without each other .. --answer-- Separating for a time, without contact or see. In the time it can be considered whether it is or really

    Tags: Love aggression
  • What can I in a song writing is meant for my best friend as reconciliation? 2019-05-10

    We are both 13 and already know us 7 years. Unfortunately we have quarreled violently and now wants to write a song ... I've namely very much and I try her whatsoever to show but unfortunately brings all nothing

    Tags: Friends friendship HDL HDL friendship +
  • Can you add your own music in GTA 5 (Online)? (PS3) 2019-05-10

    On my PS3 I have 3 CDs imported and pasted into other games. Now I want to know if you can do so in the GTA 5 online and / or offline. --answer-- While Well, that's no right answer but rather a counter-question. If the work with the ps3 version, you

    Tags: PS3 GTA5
  • Why am I next to him so shy? 2019-05-10

    Hey .. I am looking rin young and every time he talks to me then I will not say anything other than "yes", "ok" and so .. For fear something wrong to say, I never know what to talk .. And that makes me betimmt uninteresting or? What ca

    Tags: shy young
  • Carpet cleaning with haushaltsublichen things. 2019-05-10

    Hey. So my girlfriend and I have a beautiful apartment are in January. The living room carpet was still by our tenants before it. However, this is quite dirty and somewhat faded. I need to get quickly clean it necessarily. What can I do there? (Carpe

    Tags: clean carpet
  • Click and Buy money debiting my account 2019-05-10

    Hello, I would like a music album Buy how long it takes ca to Click and Buy the money debited from my bank account knows someone? Thanks in advance :) --answer-- Usually 1 banking day.

    Tags: Bank Account
  • Is there equal asphalt massaka 3 2019-05-10

    Is there asphalt massaka 3 on spotify if I indeed celebrate the holiday --answer-- Is not often so "gangster" rap is not on Spotify? Moin've also spotify premium normally it takes 3 days after publication of the album until it dan at spotify is

    Tags: asphalt Massaka
  • available in 5 to 6 days with them 2019-05-09

    Moin people got me today ne play tion 4 ordered I otto now afraid that she had not important because I was already ordered my shoes but the kammen not standing there they are the provider and should arrive within 2 to 3 business days but not kammen t

    Tags: shipping Otto
  • , a measure of the Arge be interrupted when you are on sick leave? 2019-05-09

    Can a measure be interrupted if one is not written by the doctor ill? --answer-- No, you're sick

    Tags: Occupation finances work office job Finance + problem-with-evil
  • Real good discussion Teman (Rising) 2019-05-09

    Hallo.Nach the holidays we write a Deutscharbeit.Wie indicated above is about the rising Twahema Erörterung.Meine question is, what kind of theme (currently) would be good for a discussion --answer-- Hello, if you would like to discuss a current topi

    Tags: German discussion language discussion + Language
  • provide higher Minecraft FPS 2019-05-09

    Hi, I've got gtx960 and ne i7 4790k and got only 60 fps where I set the higher? --answer-- Why do you want more than 60FPS? Your monitor can probably represent only 60HZ (frames per second), so it would be absolutely absurd, if the graphics card more

    Tags: FPS
  • Nonogram. How does this work? 2019-05-09

    I have now bought a Nonogram puzzle book. However, I did not understand the rules on the internet I found no, folgbare for me to say. I need detailed instructions on how it works. thank you in advance --answer-- That might help you get started http:/

    Tags: Mystery Guidance Nonogram + puzzles Nonogram
  • Lighting Workplace 2019-05-09

    Hello, again a request to the screwdriver guild and automotive ler. I've got the following idea and know even what you think of it. So just imagine that the vehicle is to be screwed below, whether there or anywhere you need light. Now these flashligh

    Tags: Motor vehicle
  • Pokemon Diamond - Kanto Region and Region Hoenn 2019-05-09

    Hay people I have everything searched the Internet but found nothing. I wanted to ask you how do you get in the game "Pokemon Diamond" 6 Pokemon from Kanto or Hoenn? Is that possible? I only diamond or I nix have even a Nintendo 3DS that is to s

    Tags: Games Pokemon
  • Which pair of shoes you can find the most beautiful? 2019-05-09

    Hey guys, I want to buy new shoes and I have 4 favorites. But I can not decide which one to buy me. Which pair can be found on most? Replies with 1, 2, 3 or 4. Many times already, thanks. --answer-- I would best buy me simple, because the fit all and

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