• Attack dog? pup 2018-11-02

    Hello , So I would like a blue line pitbull what we need there to bring everything for conditions? And one must I keep at all legally have read on a website that one is allowed from category 1 does not hold, but I know people who pizbulls and had nev

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  • with dog in cabin fly in condor? 2018-11-02

    Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone experiences has is with his dog with condor flew in the cabin. What exactly was observed at the check-in and there were complications? My chihuahua only fit into a pocket 5cm higher than the predetermined dimensions of c

    Tags: Dog flight condor condor + flight Hundetasche
  • My dog ​​does not decrease 2018-11-02

    Hi, I need your advice. My Bonnie is now 9 years old with a year she has been castrated and was from then on Royal Canine the diet food, everything was wonderful until last year I moved out in March from our apartment, and since then we are in a new

    Tags: Health Pets Dog lose weight decrease + dog
  • Dog panting a lot and is funny rum 2018-11-02

    Maybe someone can help me here. My Rotti bitch is now almost 13 years old but still very fit and playful. As far as I know she has spondylosis of the spine and some Atritis. For about one week, she was at once totally weird: hecheln strong, anxious,

    Tags: Dog panting
  • My dog ​​chews everything that comes under the eyes! 2018-11-01

    about 5 years ago we gained 2 Irish Wolfhounds. They were always very educated, well behaved and easy to clean. The bitch was pregnant before about 1 1/2 years of our dogs and we were heavier by 11 (!!) puppies. We sold 9 thereof, 2 have been with us

    Tags: Help broken Animals Dog household dog + Animals vandalism puppies
  • Chain with cuneiform stone pendant? 2018-11-01

    Hallu! :> So I had found time ages ago a site where anyone chains with healing stone pendants or something like selling. But I've forgotten how these were called - the stones were oblong, wider at the top than the bottom, almost like a wedge, and had

    Tags: stones chain
  • Question about dog feces 2018-11-01

    Hey, a slimy yellowish feces of a 2-year-old Chihuahua can still worm infestation or Gardien be right? Know a dog that has been dewormed only as a puppy. Is this bitch harmful to my dog? Owner says that this bitch but not a worm infestation so sure i

    Tags: Dog feces
  • nice word for dog training 2018-11-01

    Seeking a nice word for dog training. --answer-- How about behavior modification?

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets + dog
  • Seeking proper love story animes 2018-11-01

    As above is Danke :) --answer-- Toradora! Romance, Comedy, Drama, no ecchi or harem. Kobato. Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, no ecchi or harem. The Familiar of Zero. Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Ecchi (medium), Harem, Action. Hoshizora e

    Tags: Love Anime Story love story
  • What should I do when I come too early? 2018-11-01

    So I have the problem that I really am very very early. Even if my friend the condom Blasts, it is already too late. So I must say that I have not done much sexual experience. Can it be that wraps my problem with the experience? Or what should I do?

    Tags: Relationship Sex boys guys + Sex
  • My dog ​​foaming at the snout 2018-11-01

    Hi first. I am with my aunt and must take care of their dog, a small Chihuahua rude. He was playing on and suddenly he foamed at the muzzle. He kept shaking his head. He seems to go back better but I'm scared. I do not know what to do if something wo

    Tags: Dog Foam chihuahua
  • Is downloading videos on "Vimeo" for free? 2018-11-01

    Daniel. --answer-- Downloading is not (yet) for free. The easiest way is actually via software for the PC, though it comes with smartphone apps, but this fall sometimes from very happy :(

    Tags: Video Internet Download free Vimeo free + Video
  • Suphanburi water park 2018-11-01

    Hello, Suffer I find in google is no website for the Water Park / Water World in Suphan buri / Thailand, maybe someone of you will find it. Best regards --answer-- After I also googled before. But I realized that stop but not everyone has a website.

    Tags: Vacation travel Thailand swim water park swimming + holiday
  • Is the LG 42LB676V with DTS sound compatible? 2018-11-01

    hi, have zuzulegen (LG 42LB676V) before me a new tv because my current device is not in the situation is a mkv file with dts soundtrack reproduce ..... ie: but although picture keien sound :( .... .Unfortunately I can find in my recherche nothing use

    Tags: sound Electronics file electronics + TV
  • Does anyone have experience with CyberGhost? 2018-10-31

    I'm looking for a new VPN vendors and came across Cyberghost. My question is if anyone has experience with this provider. Important to me no throttling by VPN no mitloggen Dealers as cheap / free because someone has experience or better supplier? Tha

    Tags: VPN providers cyber ghost VPN + cyber ghost
  • Motorcycles for the A1 driving license ... 2018-10-31

    Hello people: D, A friend would also bring a bike and start with me the A1 driving license. But he who can already get just a bike for up to 1500 €. Do you know a motorcycle (Cross quietly) that is suitable for the A1 license? Thank you in advance !

    Tags: Motorcycle Money A1 + driving license driving license A1 + Motorcycle
  • Does anyone know where you can order cheap material to make yourself from dog leashes? 2018-10-31

    I would like to make my dog ​​leashes itself, ne length that suits me and my dogs. For this I am looking for ropes that can be spliced. Where to find something to buy / order? --answer-- I tinker me always of paracord or Biothane itself linen. The me

    Tags: itself make dog
  • A question about my "house dog" 2018-10-31

    Yesterday about 3-4 my dog ​​was in my garden and has its business ,, "done when he came back I noticed firstonce nothing on the house, but observed after 2-3 hours, I've found my dog ​​is a very Auffalend , the comic had gang. he lowered his head an

    Tags: Pain Dog
  • French Bulldog (dog) grabs everything gets dropped 2018-10-31

    Hello! Our "puppy" (now 4 months old) grabs everything falls down on the ground. Be it food or div. Other things. The food is, of course, immediately swallowed. So fast you can look not at all, because it is always attentive and is staying with

    Tags: Dog
  • What does a Small dog about a month? 2018-10-31

    Hi would like to buy me a little dog, what would he me about a month costs without the purchase price of the dog? --answer-- It Costs a lot of time, a minimum of 2 hours per day (sanitary and mental work). And quite a lot of nerves =). Financially yo

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